Aladdin - Review

"Aladdin" is a typical 2D platformer, of which there were many released in the 1990s. What distinguishes this production is its beautiful, colorful graphics, very well-developed sound, and simply fantastic, humorous animation. Aladdin's task is to save the Sultan from the wicked schemes of the sorcerer-advisor Jaffar. The usurper, along with his assistant, the parrot Jago, plans to acquire the magic lamp that is located in the Cave of Wonders guarded by mysterious forces. Only those with a truly sincere and good heart can survive entering this magical place. Aladdin is such a person, and here his troubles begin.

The game starts when Aladdin must escape from Agrabah to find a part of the magical amulet in the desert, which is necessary to open the entrance to the Cave of Wonders. It is also necessary to find the second part of the amulet, which is in the possession of the leader of the Agrabah thieves. Unfortunately, our brave hero will be caught and thrown into the dungeon, from which he must of course escape immediately. The next step is to visit the enchanted place. He must take the magic lamp from there. It is forbidden to touch any other treasures there. Unfortunately, Abu, Aladdin's helper, will not be able to resist, and the boy will have to flee in a hurry, jumping on the stones sinking into the sea of lava, while simultaneously avoiding falling rocks from the vault. If he manages to reach the flying carpet in one piece, our hero will have a chance for an amazing flight. After a daring escape, it will be time to visit Genie inside the lamp, and then go to the Sultan's palace and his beautiful daughter Jasmine. The final stage will be the fight against the evil and cunning Jaffar.

On his way, Aladdin will encounter many characters. These will be guards, strong but not very bright and slightly clumsy, a fakir throwing knives, skeletons with a bomb instead of a head, snake charmers, evil genies, ominous statues, and camels that spit when you jump on their hump. All of them, except for the camel, pose a threat to Aladdin's life, so he will have to make good use of his sword and accurately throw apples.

Various items are scattered on all boards: apples, serving as long-range ammunition, expensive stones, likenesses of Aladdin - extra lives, Abu's heads - keys to a bonus level, Genie's likenesses - tokens for a bonus slot machine, black lamps acting as bombs and destroying all enemies on the board, scales being points from which the game continues after losing a life, and magical flying ropes that can transport to inaccessible places.

Almost every board has a hidden magic shop. You can buy extra lives or wishes allowing you to continue the game when you have lost all your lives. At the end of the board, you can participate in a game similar to a slot machine as many times as you collect "Genies."

The difficulty level is adjusted so that passing the first boards does not pose too much difficulty. The next levels are much more difficult. This is a good solution because it allows both inexperienced and seasoned players to have a great time. The fantastic execution of the game makes us perfectly empathize with the role of Aladdin and experience the heart-pounding excitement along with him. This is a game worth playing.

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