PRISONER OF ICE - Waltrhough


You are on the captain's bridge. First, talk to Captain Lloyd. You'll learn details about Operation "Polaris." From the conversation, you'll gather that you need to protect the mysterious cargo from heat and extract as much information as possible from Hamsun about it. After the conversation, the submarine will be attacked by an enemy cruiser, resulting in serious damage to the ship and cargo. Shortly after, you'll find yourself in the hold with the captain. On the floor lies a dying sailor who will convey a message about the existence of some extraterrestrial force in the crates with his last breath.

A tentacle grabs the captain. Quickly grab the fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire. Go to the bridge. After talking to Driscoll, take a tape recorder, a key, and a code book from the desk drawer. Use the code book to start the radio. Then go to the room on the right, which turns out to be the sleeping quarters. There you'll find a hatchet near the door, a life jacket under the bunk, and crampons for walking on ice.

Search the cabin, and you'll find a St. Christopher medal. Now talk to Wayne, who will soon go to the bridge. Hypnotize Hamsun with the medal and record his statement on the tape recorder.

On the bridge, to save your own life from the Alien, "use" the tape recorder on yourself. Unfortunately, you lose another crew member, and someone sabotages the ship. The torpedo hatch is blocked.

Go to the hold. Use the crampons to reach the chest. Use the key, and you'll become the owner of a flare gun. Now go through the hatch in the floor of the bridge to the engine room. Talk to Stanley, who will ask for your help. As you leave, take an adjustable spanner.

On the bridge, talk to Driscoll, and you'll receive a walkie-talkie. Use the key to remove the metal wheel from the steel door that the Alien tore off. In the engine room, activate the winch switch. Now contact Driscoll via walkie-talkie. Stanley will be saved. Tell him about Captain Lloyd's death, and he'll give you the communication code with the base. Send an SOS over the radio on the bridge. On the right side, there is a cabinet with cables. Use the hatchet on it. You need to rearrange the switches to unlock the torpedo hatch.

Go there through the hatch in the sleeping quarters. The room is flooded with water. Insert the wheel you have into the hole in the wall, and then turn it. Take a distress flare. Open the torpedo launcher tube and launch the torpedo. Contact Driscoll, who will help you surface.


You're in Captain Sears's office. Talk to him about the topics that concern you. You'll learn about the mysterious agent Miss Molly and a film from an enemy military base. When the captain leaves, open and search the left drawer of the desk near the door, and you'll find a piece of paper with a code fragment. Take your ID file and a packet of cigarettes from the desk before Quartermaster Quincy arrives and drives you out of the room.

In the corridor, you'll hear an alarm that will free you from the company of some annoying soldier. Examine the desk and take a film. Go to the briefing room, in the main hall on the right and upstairs. Look at the books on the shelves until you find one that interests you (a book). Examine it and insert the piece of paper you have, and you'll have the full code (496 523). Talk to the man sitting in the chair (McLaglen). Give him cigarettes, then the film, and McLaglen will kindly screen it for you.

In the corridor next to Captain Sears's office is the communications room. Talk to Shaw. You'll receive an encrypted order to find a traitor in the base and locate the file room as soon as you mention McLaglen to him.

Now hold your files over the boiling kettle, and you'll find your own photo. In Captain Sears's office, look at the picture on the left wall. You'll open the safe with the code you already know. Inside, you'll find a rubber stamp and the self-destruct key for the submarine (Lloyd's key). On Sears's desk lies an incomplete pass. Just add the stamp and your photo, and it will be ready to use.

In the hall, summon the elevator, which will take you to the basement. Show the pass to the guard. Once in the secured area, talk to one of the guards, and you'll learn that the infirmary is behind you, and the junk room is next to it.

Enter the door on the right. Flirt with the nurse (Miss Trend) and ask her for a visit to the doctor, and soon you'll be able to enter the room on the right. Tell the doctor you have a stomachache. Dr. Trevor will ask you to bring him what you ate.

Go out into the corridor and enter the adjacent door. In the trunk, you'll find the body of a dead soldier. On the shelf, you'll find a mess tin with remnants of some rotten food. Just like before, get to the doctor. Show him the mess tin, and he'll grab his head and start looking for medicine for you. In the meantime, steal the assembling manual from the doctor's desk. Now you have a chance to get to the most guarded place, the file room. Knock on the door opposite and give the customer the manual. Now you'll be able to enter.

You're in the armory. Take a fire extinguisher and a cigarette. Talk for a while with the guest (Finnlayson). You'll learn that he was rummaging through the quartermaster's files a moment ago. Throw the cigarette in the bin and hide in the dark corner to the right. Finnlayson will flee in panic, and most importantly, the file guard will flee with him. While examining the files, you'll find only something about a man named Parker.

As you leave the armory, you'll encounter Captain Sears. He'll take you to his office and tell you to confess absolutely everything. You'll tell him about the monster and the incantation that destroyed it. Sears will send you to the submarine deck to see if Hamsun left anything behind. The submarine deck is very icy. Find a cable and tie it to a metal rod, allowing you to pass through the slipperiest area. On the ship's bow, open the locker. You'll find two metal parts inside. Connect them, and you'll get the key to open the main hatch (marine key).

Once inside, go to the sleeping quarters. In the wardrobe near the door, you'll find what you were looking for—Hamsun's notes. There will be another encounter with the Alien on the bridge.

Quickly find the self-destruct mechanism button near the helm and blow up the boat by inserting the key into the lock. Escape via the ladder.

At Edward's Base, the doctor will invite you to his office and demonstrate his discoveries. The most interesting will be Hamsun's notebook (cool demo). You'll learn from it that the Alien can be neutralized with the Minar stone or enslaved with a pentagram. Shortly after, a flustered nurse will run out and point you to the infirmary.

Quincy managed to reveal to you where the secret compartment is before he died. Remembering the words from the notebook, draw a pentagram on the floor and move to the next room. In the doctor's office, search the desk, and you'll find a needle. Use it on the map in Sears's office, and in the secret hiding place, you'll find a report for the Germans, indicating that Sears is a traitor, and the stone you were looking for. Use it on the Alien (prisoner) and take the files. Your next order will be to find Professor Parker and his book.


You're in a museum. Talk to Diane, and you'll learn various things, including that she is Professor Parker's daughter. Now talk to the porter named Hernandez. Soon, you'll find yourself in the curator Jorge's room, who will reveal the next piece of the Alien mystery to you. Just a moment later, you'll witness a time paradox. After all the commotion, follow Diane to what resembles a giant library.

Take the blind man's stick and the pile of books near the entrance. Search the books on the right until you find a particular one. Enter the discovered passage to the next level. Use the stick on the ladder and climb up. On this floor, you'll find empty spaces. Examine them and arrange the books you have in chronological order: Sophocles, Shakespeare, Goethe. Proceed to the penultimate level using the Pseudo Stairs. Here, switch the button, inspect the books, and talk to Diane about da Vinci. Go to the right — there are stairs. You're already at the top.

Move Homer's bust, the one furthest to the right, and a hidden compartment will open revealing a key. Use it to unlock the door to the terrace. Step onto the statue of Venus, then onto the statue of Jupiter. The next statue is Discobolus. Look at what it's holding. It's the disc you've been looking for. Take it. Now, it's time for an unpleasant turn of events — the appearance of Germans and a change of location to a German base.


You're in a prison cell. Next to you is Professor Parker, who wants to talk to you. Take a spoon, cup, and tumbler from the table. Use the spoon to dig a hole in the wall, and the professor will tell you an interesting story. After the conversation, quickly get up.

After all the prisoners are taken out of your cell, a very unpleasant man will enter and give you an ultimatum. From now on, you have 10 minutes. Act quickly, use a piece of paper given to you by the German on the washbasin. Take a stool and keep it ready until the guard arrives.

Search the body, and you'll find keys. Use them to lock the cell door. Place the stool on the table, then move it all. While on top of this pyramid, use the spoon to unscrew the ventilation grill. Moving through the pseudo corridors, you'll overhear something about a planned experiment. Regardless of which direction you choose, you'll end up in a strange cave. Move the stalagmite and retrieve two precious stones from the open doors.

Go right, to something resembling a giant head. In the left eye, insert the ruby, and in the right one, the amethyst. A mystical altar-like structure will open. Enter it, and you'll teleport to the next location. You're in a mine.

To the right, you'll find a mine cart. Look inside it, and you'll find a miner's bar. On the left side is a piece of stone. Use the miner's bar on it. Now you must act very, very quickly. Dip the bar into the lava. Then, apply it to the frozen cart wheel. Push the cart, which will activate the mechanism opening the door. Escape from the Alien through the newly formed exit. In the next room, block the propeller with the miner's bar. Push the grill, and when the Alien turns to you, "use on yourself" the page from the book you have. By magical force, you'll be transported to the future.


Next to the teleporter, you'll find a piece of a steel plate that fits yours. On the right, there's a computer terminal. From it, you'll learn everything! You're from the future, and Professor Parker is your grandfather.

Now search the entire room. You should find parts for futuristic weapons: barrel, butt, middle section, nitrogen charge. Next to the scanner, you'll find batteries. Examine them. Insert the batteries into the slot and activate the mechanism with the button. The weapon project will appear on the screen. Sequentially use weapon parts on the screen except the nitrogen charge, i.e., the magazine.

On the left side is an armored cupboard, covered with a huge lump of stone. Test the weapon (F.N.D.) on the lump. In the cupboard, you'll find a stone and a disk. Use the disk on yourself, and you'll be back in 1937.

Once again, use the page you have to neutralize the Alien and talk to your friends. What you're experiencing now is pure Deja Vu.

Remember what you did last time? Take your weapon and use it against the terrorist (Harland).


Pull the ring on the wall. A pedestal will appear. Examine it and set the following sequence:

top row — ice, water, fire, air;

bottom row — prisoner, dagon, nyarlathotep, cthul-hu.

The cursed book Necronomicon will appear. Examine it and insert the stone you have into it. You'll receive a magical sword. Specters of Narackamous and Boleskine will appear. Treat them with the sword, and you'll learn some important things like how to send Evil back to where it came from.

Take the book and proceed through the open exit. Get into the rowing boat. After a while, you'll face the traitor Sears. A duel will take place. Each time, try to quickly talk to him.

Sequentially talk about: Howard Parker, John T. Parker, and the Great Old Ones. You'll learn that Sears also comes from the future and was your father's best friend, as well as belonging to an organization aiming to resurrect ancient Evil.

Now, cut the rope behind you, and you'll send the scoundrel to hell. In the next location, treat the mask on the right with the sword and step on the flagstone at the bottom, which will open a passage in the giant skull on the right.

You're in a magical circle. Respond to each spell with the sword (on yourself), and finally, throw the Necromicon towards the central stone. That's it.

Now you only have two endings to choose from: The Survivor of Time and The One Who Never Was.

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