POLICE QUEST IV - Complete walkthrough

POLICE QUEST IV is another installment of the renowned series. It is a completely standalone game, only connected to its predecessors by title. There are no references to the storyline, characters, etc. from previous parts. In this installment, players take on the role of detective John Carey, whose task is to solve the murder mystery of policeman Bob Hickman.


Talk to everyone present at the crime scene. Notice the graffiti spray-painted on the wall. Sketch it into your notepad. Take out your tools (HOMICIDE KIT) from the car trunk. Conduct a thorough examination of the murdered policeman's body, noting all observations. Outline the cigarette and the body with chalk. Routinely check the vicinity. In the dumpster nearby, you will find the body of a boy riddled with bullets. Describe the situation in your notepad and talk to Nobles about the second victim. Finally, ask Julie Chester to take photos and collect physical evidence.


You have been assigned to the Bob Hickman murder case with Hal Bottoms. Talk to your new partner. Once you're at your desk, take a note from the basket. It concerns mandatory shooting exercises scheduled for Wednesday. Open both drawers. Take out a photo from the left one. It has your computer password written on it (GUNNER). From the right drawer, take form 3.14 (FOLLOW UP FORM). Use the notepad to write a report on it, then hand it over to Hal along with the crime scene report.

There is a departmental computer against the wall. You can log in using your badge number (612) and the password from the photo. Review the GANG INFORMATION data regarding the RUDE BOYS GET BAIL group. End the session, leave the office, and use the elevator to get to the first floor. Outside the building, a persistent reporter will be waiting. After a few unsuccessful attempts to bypass her, you will be forced to push your way through.

Go to the city morgue. Show your badge to the secretary. Talk to the coroner's assistant, then to the boss. Note down the information about the autopsy in your notepad. As you leave, take the envelopes with the personal belongings of Bob Hickman and Bobbie Washington. You will need to return them to the families of the deceased.

Start with Bob Hickman's wife. His daughter will open the door, and after a brief conversation, she'll let you in. Hand over her husband's belongings to the tearful Katherine. You must ask her a few questions about her husband. When you ask about alcohol and drug problems, Katherine will run out of the room. Talk to little Valerie until she mentions that daddy kept his things in the closet. Open it, take out the pill bottle from the jacket.

Now head to the shooting range towards the Police Academy. Fill out the form 13.5.1 found here and hand it to Bert. You have to pay for off-duty exercises. Only then will you be able to get ammunition, headphones, and dark glasses. Follow the instructor's commands at the shooting range. When you leave, return the borrowed equipment.

It's time to go on patrol to the South Central district, where a murder was committed last night. Go left. Buy an apple and a tube of glue at the store. Keep going; you'll encounter two kids in front of a burned-out building. Present your badge and question both of them. Go through the door. On the wall, you'll notice graffiti identical to the one found last night. You'll also see numerous bullet holes. Note this in your notepad. Using the knife from your tools, you must dig out and put all 16 bullets in a bag. Continue, then head right. Show your police badge to the little girl. Ask her a few questions. As a reward for her help, give her the apple. To the right lives Mrs. Washington. Introduce yourself. Return her son's personal items, then talk about him. Slowly, it gets dark. Return to Parker Center. To enter, you must wear your ID badge on your suit. Take the elevator to the basement. Give Julie Chester a sample of glue from the store and Hickman's pills. Now go up to the fourth floor. Put the bullets you dug out from the wall in the evidence locker (SHELF STORAGE). When you return to the office, you'll find a ringing phone. Pick up the receiver; the informant has news.

Hurry to the meeting in South Central. It turns out to be a trap. When trouble starts, crouch, put on a bulletproof vest, and make two jumps towards the trunk. Use the keys to get the shotgun from it. You have to finish off two thugs. The owner of the nearby store will help you. After using up all the ammo, you can reload the shotgun once. If you run out of ammo again, you'll only have the Beretta left.


The day starts unusually. The boss chews you out for mistreating the journalist and cowboy antics in South Central. Talk to Hal. Take and fill out another form 3.14, then go to the basement to pick up your weapon.

Another policeman has been killed, this time in front of rapper Yo Money's house. Examine the body outline on the lawn, and note your observations. Approach the house. Search the bushes in front of the front door; you'll find a red high-heeled shoe. Knock on the door. Show your badge to the security guard, then ask him to let you in. Talk to the singer's girlfriend, show her the shoe. Ask about possible enemies—she mentions the name WALKER.

Before returning to Parker Center, stop by the morgue to talk to Sam Nobles about the results of the autopsy on the policeman. Give Hal the filled-out form 3.14. Log in again on the computer. Select the topic HATE CRIMES. Enter the man indicated by Yo Money.

On your way to Dennis Walker's house, stop by the Washingtons and ask little LaSondra about the woman she saw. Knock on Walker's door, show him your badge, and he'll let you in. Walker is a staunch Nazi. The radio in the room is playing very loudly. Lower the volume. Walker jumps out the window, and his girlfriend rushes in with a knife. You have to act quickly. Aim your weapon at the assailant. Order her to drop the knife, turn around, and kneel with her hands on her head. Immediately handcuff her.

The mother of the slain officer has come to Parker Center. Talk to her. Read the funeral notice for Hickman lying on the desk. Go to Katherine's and talk to her. After a tiring day, head to the Short Stop bar to relax. Take pretzels from the table. Talk to Sam and Julie.


Early in the morning, attend the hearing at the district office. Answer the questions asked. When Dennis Walker starts to attack, quickly pacify him with your gun. Command him to drop the weapon. Then, to kneel with his hands on his head. Before he wriggles free, handcuff him.

Talk to Hal in the office. Fill out a new form 3.14 and give it to your partner. According to the schedule, you must go to the shooting range at the Police Academy. Shoot quickly and accurately. The procedure is the same as for individual exercises, only you have to fill out form 13.5.0, in green. Visit Sam at the morgue, talk to him about the events in the park.

Another body was found in a patrol car, which was taken to the police garage. You also have to go there. Your badge at the window will provide you with the current password, which you must repeat to the staff. Take the clipping from the newspaper from the car. Go to Griffith Park. Give pretzels to the barking dog. Approach the tree surrounded by yellow police tape. Dig into the ground. Put the bone you found into the bag. Take it to the morgue and give it to Sam, asking about the bodies in the car. At Hollywood and Vine, ask the guy standing against the wall. Enter the Bitty Kitty erotic club. Show your badge to Electra. Question her, then show her the found shoe. Ask Electra about Barbie. Light the lady's cigarette with the lighter on the counter. Outside, take a piece of your car's broken mirror. Visit the music store. Question the owner, show him the shoe. Return to the club. This time, talk to Barbie. Also, show her the shoe. If you've questioned everyone, shown the badge and shoe, when you arrive at the morgue, you'll find Sherry besieged by a reporter. This event will end the day.


At the morgue, learn from Sam about the John and Jane Doe remains. Go to Parker Center. Talk to Julie Chester. Fill out a fresh form 3.14 in the office, hand it over to Hal as usual. Log in to the computer again. Access the DMV database, enter the remembered license plate number.

The car belongs to a Social Services employee (SOCIAL SERVICES). Identify yourself to the secretary. Question her, then go to Luella Parker's office. Search the desks, taking files and tape. After leaving the office, talk to Nora again. Give the tape to the music store. In return, you can choose something else. Take the drumstick. Step into the door next door, into the Kitty Bitty club. Ask Barbie about her acquaintance with Luella Parker. Everything is slowly beginning to come together. Go to the cinema. Show your badge and talk to the cashier. Accept the invitation, enter the left door. Ask Mitchell about Luella Parker. Have some tea and go to the free movie screening. You'll fall asleep... When you wake up, head to South Central. Take a string from the box in the burned-out building. Use it on the dog in the park. It will lead you to an abandoned alley.


Force the door open with the crowbar from your tools. You'll find yourself in a dark room. Light a flashlight and find the door. Open it with your knife. At the top of the stairs, a dog guards the door. Put some glue on the stick and mirror, then connect the items. Your makeshift periscope will tell you when the coast is clear. In the fridge is someone's head! The hallway is blocked by the same dog that was wandering in front of the door earlier. Give him Hickman's calming pills. At the end of the corridor is a pink-lit room. Open the cabinet, move the rug, and descend through the trapdoor. You'll find yourself in the cinema. Leave the room. Pick up the can from the right side. Inside is a key. Return to the projection room and open the door with the key. Turn on the flashlight. You'll get hit in the face by the killer. You'll come to in a room upstairs, watched over by an old friend and the dog. Throw the ball out the window. Take the lighter from the severed head out of the fridge. Take the hairspray from the bathroom. Set fire to the exit, and you'll get a handy torch. Enter the room at the end of the corridor. In self-defense, set the criminal on fire.


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