Police Quest 3: The Kindred - Walkthrough

You are Sonny Bonds. You're a young, dynamic, and ambitious police officer in the city of Lytton. For breaking up a drug cartel and capturing the Death Angel, you've been promoted and earned sergeant stripes. However, police work isn't easy, and new challenges await you.


Enter your office and read the letter left on your desk. Then, using the notebook next to the podium, conduct a briefing in the briefing room. Ask Officer Morales to come for an interview. Return to your office and explain the incident. After the conversation, select 'sustained' in the appropriate section of the form.

Head to the first floor and find your locker. Open it by entering the code 776. Take all the items. Across from the locker room is a cabinet where you'll find batteries and flares.

Return to your office and check your mail. You'll find a note that needs to be handed to the main computer specialist on the third floor. In return, he'll give you an access card, which allows you to access the police computer in your office. During the game, you'll receive a call. Confirm it over the phone. Take the elevator to the garage, get into the patrol car, and head out into the city.

When you see the Aspen Falls sign, stop the car and get out. Talk to the woman and then go to the right. A man will snatch your badge, throw it into the water, and then jump in himself. Search the man's clothes and provoke him by throwing his car keys into the water. Before he attacks you, use your baton, and when he's subdued on the ground, handcuff him. Take him to the car and drive him to the jail.

Before entering, put your gun in the locker, enter, and go to the counter. Search the prisoner and give any found knife to the guard. Also, hand over the arrested person's driver's license. Escort him to the door and enter the offense number (12025), then return to patrolling the highway. Your first case will involve Morales. Get out of the car and talk to her, then to the perpetrator, and again to Morales. Choose the 'signature' option. Finally, talk to the detained woman again and leave. During patrol, inspect all cars and intervene if there's a violation. It's worth noting down the license plate number and checking it in the car's computer. When you stop a driver, always approach from the passenger side to avoid being hit. When issuing a ticket, you must have the driver's license of the stopped person and select form 900 in the computer. It's important to enter the exact time (it appears in the upper left corner at the beginning of the scene).

With a drunk driver, talk to him and perform a field sobriety test by moving your finger from left to right and vice versa. Search the drunkard and handcuff him to transport him to jail. Here, remove his handcuffs and perform a breathalyzer test on the machine in the lower right corner. Have him empty his pockets and hand over the items to the guard. Enter the code (23152). You can stop a Sunday driver by driving slightly behind them with sirens on. When they see you in the rearview mirror, they should pull over. Be careful with this guy and make sure to enter the correct time and code (21654). After duty, you'll be called to Oak Tree Mall, where your wife was attacked. Look at Marie and take the gold necklace she pulled from the would-be killer. Take your wife to the hospital and return to the crime scene. Talk to the journalist, take his business card, put batteries in the flashlight, and turn it on. Look for a bronze star under Marie's car from the driver's door side. After a day full of events, head home.


Get up, get dressed, take the music box from the closet, and head to the precinct. You've been transferred to the Homicide Division. Go to your new office and talk to the captain. Note down the numbers of two criminal cases he gives you. Sit down at the computer and insert the access card. Choose the Homicide catalog, then Serial #. Enter the serial number of the star found under Marie's car. Note the case number. Choose 'Review Case' and enter this number and the two previous ones given by the captain. Review the reports and note the times and locations of all assaults. Talk to the officer reading the newspaper; he'll give you a hint. Call the journalist you met yesterday and ask for help. Go downstairs and enter the evidence room. Submit the star and the necklace as evidence for case #199144. Visit Marie. At the hospital, ask the head nurse for Marie's room number. Buy a rose at the flower shop and go upstairs. Give her the flowers and the music box. Kiss your wife goodnight and head home.


When you arrive at the Homicide Office, check the mail and drive to the abandoned warehouse at the specified address. Use the stairs and approach the pile of paper near the shopping cart. Identify yourself by showing your badge in the wallet and talk to the elderly woman. Secure the shopping cart to the pipe with handcuffs and invite the elderly woman to the precinct. Have lunch from the neighboring desk and give it to your guest. Then use the computer, select Tools, and Drawing Composite. Alter the facial features until the elderly woman confirms them all. Now select 'Search,' and the woman will identify the suspect. Turn off the equipment and talk to her. She'll ask you to drive her back. Once you're there, don't forget to take off the handcuffs. You can now go home.


Enter your office and read the letter. Take the elevator to the third floor to Electronic Systems Control and take the guiding gadget from the desk of the head technician. Go down to the ground floor and take the calibration chart from the patrol car. Get into an unmarked vehicle and drive to court. Answer all questions and present the speedometer calibration chart upon the prosecutor's request. If you've entered the time correctly, you should win the case.

While driving, Morales will have to make a call. Take the key from her purse and make a copy from the locksmith. Pay Zak for his work and replace the key before your partner notices. You'll be called to a murder scene. Morales will take some photos. Open the car trunk and the suitcase. Take toothpicks, a scraper, and envelopes. Examine the body in the dumpster. Take the victim's driver's license from the pocket. Use toothpicks to collect nail samples. Remove the victim's shirt and examine the pentagram. Inspect the rear left side of the abandoned car. Use the scraper to collect paint samples. Put the equipment back in the trunk and drive to the precinct. Go to the Homicide Division and read the message in the mailbox. Turn on the computer, select Homicide, and New File. Go to the evidence room and leave the evidence under the new case number. Go to the hospital. Look at the plaque on Marie's bed and the contents of the IV bottle. Note the difference between the doctor's prescription and the actual dose level. Press the red button above Marie's head and explain your concerns to the doctor. You can now go home calmly.


Read the message on the bulletin board in the office. Turn on the computer, select Evidence Analysis, and pay attention to the description of the suspicious vehicle. Call dispatch and request surveillance of such vehicles. Use the computer again. This time select Tools and City Map. Mark the locations of the three murders and Marie's assault. Connect the points with lines and you'll see an incomplete pentagram. Complete the drawing with lines to the fifth point. The computer should recognize the pattern. If it doesn't, you'll need to mark and connect the points more precisely until you get a perfect pentagram. Go to the psychoanalyst's office on the same floor. Read the data on Morales's desk. Go downstairs and get into the car. Respond to the call at the Old Nugget Saloon. Take a scraper and envelopes from the trunk. Examine the left rear side of the car. Collect a paint sample and install the guiding device. Then go into the bar. Wait for the second pool player and observe him carefully. Prepare your gun for use. The player will flee, but you can chase him with the transmitter. At some point, the fugitive will have an accident on the highway, so you won't lose sight of him. Open the trunk and take out the flares, then place them on the road. Look at the overturned car. Take the keys from the ignition and open the trunk. Note the number of cocaine packages. When the coroner's assistant arrives, return to the precinct.

While Morales is processing the evidence, use the key copy to access her desk. Search the shelf until you find the code for the locker. Lock the desk before your partner returns. Go downstairs and register the evidence under case number 199144 or 199145. Go to the hospital, kiss Marie, and return home.


Talk to Morales. When she leaves the room, use the elevator to go to the first floor. Enter the men's locker room. Cause a small commotion by putting a roll of toilet paper in the toilet. When it starts overflowing, jump into the janitor's cart. Only now enter the women's locker room. Find and open Morales's locker. Take notes in your notepad and go back upstairs to tell the captain what you've learned. You'll have to drive to the morgue.

Once there, take the envelope and open it. Read the notes on the bodies until you find the familiar one. When the coroner arrives, he'll give you a press clipping. Remember the last known address in Rocklina. Return to the car and drive to the hospital. Give Marie her locket. Go to the address given in the dispatch message. At the burning house, take a scraper and envelopes from the trunk. As soon as the fire chief allows, enter the building. Pick up the photograph from the floor and examine it closely; it contains an address. Enter the next room and collect hair and blood samples. Return to the car and drive to Oak Tree Mall. At the military recruiting office, listen to the sergeant's boring monologue and identify yourself. Show a picture of the Bains brothers and take their military records.

At the precinct, visit the psychologist, give him the records, and listen to Michael Bains's psychological profile. Go to the address on Palm Street, where a gang operates in a drug-ridden ruin. You'll need a search warrant to get there. Go to court, talk to the judge, and show her the press clipping. Return to the gang's headquarters. You'll need assistance. Go to the precinct and register all collected evidence.

Then appear in court and request a special team's support. Return to Palm Street. Get out of the car and prepare your gun. Stand to the left of the door and instruct the tank commander to start. Inside, a suspect will shoot at you. Shoot immediately. Another person will surrender. Approach him from behind and handcuff him. Search the couch and press the eight on the remote. A secret passage will open in the fireplace. Enter it with your gun. Behind the barrels, a third dangerous criminal awaits. Shoot as soon as you see him. This way, you've eliminated the fanatic drug gang in Lytton!

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