Eternam - Walkthrough

"Welcome to the planet Eternam, if you've perused our brochure, you know it's the vacation of a lifetime. You, Don Jonz, will soon explore islands that are highly accurate historical reproductions. Many synthetic humanoids will provide striking realism to enhance your pleasure."

These words are spoken by an attractive young girl who serves as your guide here. After a moment, her image disappears, and you begin to look around. You can pick up and use items. The analyzer coupled with the Network database enables precise examination of objects. The translator, on the other hand, allows you to converse with the natives; you should use it at every opportunity.

Your adventure begins on a path. Conversing with the first individual you encounter, you learn that the castle lies ahead. Direct your steps towards the Prince; on the way, there's a small hut where you can converse with a bear hunter. In the castle, you must find a match, a candy, and infrared glasses. Give the candy to the guard to gain entry to the audience chamber. Here, the ruler of the island, Cuda, will give you a task. First, to verify your qualifications as a hero, he will subject you to Trials. Before you proceed to them, you should find a medieval camera and onion skins. The unfortunate Trials take place behind the hatch under the stairs to the next floor. Talk to the skull, and you may receive a clue.

1. Thunderous Gaze — use onion skins. Your eyes will tear up, soak thoroughly under each eye.

2. Fiery Barriers — quickly move to the other side before your teary impregnation evaporates.

3. Pitfall — shout, and the echo will cause the beam hanging from the ceiling to fall; then cross to the other side.

4. Test of Faith — choose the exit brightly marked as such; despite appearances, it's not a trap.

5. Invisible Trail — to avoid bisecting, wear the infrared glasses, follow the revealed trail.

6. Furniture Blockade — note that all objects are wooden, so a proverbial match is enough.

7. Crushing Exit — if you don't want to become a wet spot on the wall, adjust the levers properly in one of the previous rooms (left up, right down).

Once you successfully navigate the ordeal, take the keys and return to the audience chamber. The Prince will congratulate you, reveal mission details, and give you a small knife for the journey. Now go to the captain of the guard and return the lost keys to him. In gratitude, he will reveal the secret passage to the Prince's apartments upstairs — make use of it. Read the letter and extract some gold from the ruler.

In the tavern, strike up a conversation with the drunkard at the counter, and you'll learn a way to leave the island. On your way, you'll encounter a priest; invoke his name in the Temple. There, take a letter from an older lady to her daughter, Marianna. When you reach the shore of the vast water, continue; the water here is quite shallow.

You've arrived at the island of Doralis; avoid unnecessary conversations with the locals. Speak rather politely with the Accountant; he'll tell you where to look next. In the secluded house where revolutionaries convene, you'll meet Marianna. Deliver the letter to her, and in return, you'll receive an unknown revolutionary symbol. Wear it and only then go to the old lady; otherwise, she'll treat you with an axe, but this way, she'll reveal the smugglers' password at the tavern. Proceed to the town of Middleville.

At the market, fight the bloodthirsty, undefeated giant. Before he tears you apart, cut the elastic band of his pants with the knife, thus winning the fight. Go to the harbor, taking a thermometer, a key, rockets, and a plant from houses along the way. Talk to the ferryman; it turns out you need two permits to use the ferry, one from each baron. Visit the tavern and ask for something "strong." Don't be deterred by its illegality and converse with the gentleman at the end of the counter. As a result of the conversation, you'll gain access to the back room. A former pirate resides here; you'll return to him later.

Enter the lawn in front of the Baron's mansion. You'll be arrested by the city guard and sentenced to death by an impartial court. You have little time in the cell. You'll hear voices of a young couple from outside. Talk to them and offer gold in exchange for an escape plan. It turns out there's no binding agent in one of the cell walls, allowing you to become free again. Return to the lawn, and this time, you'll enter the house without problems. You can give seeds to the parrot, found in the kitchen. Ask the baron for permission; he'll give it to you immediately.

You'll find the second baron to the left of the compass trader. Here, you'll have to earn the permit since the baron demands evidence of his wife's infidelity. Go to Milady's chamber. When she heads towards the magical mirror, pull out the camera and film her conversation with her lover. Then give the baron the camera in exchange for the second permit. Now, the guide will take you to Technological Island Stomaca 0.1 without further obstacles.

Your stay begins at the University, where every newcomer undergoes a rigorous intelligence test consisting of twenty questions. You'll surely benefit from a game recording and an encyclopedia here. After successfully passing the exam, you'll be taken to the Center. It consists of seven levels, which you traverse by elevator, but you need the appropriate access cards.

1. Reception (0) — you'll find the access card by the computer fortune teller; this level also has an exit from the complex.

2. Power Plant (1) — talk to the technician; after a brief conversation, he'll give you a card for the coolant machines.

3. Personnel (1) — you'll find the card in the pull-out cabinets; there's also a restroom here, which turns out to be a teleporter. CAUTION! It teleports all three cabins.

4. Boss (2) — here is the man who invested in the Center.

5. Computer (3) — talk to the programmers trapped in the spacetime continuum; you'll have to free them. Another access card is here.

6. Commander (4) — first talk to everyone on the left and right of the periscope room. Obtain a teleporter and boss card from the commander. Use the periscope; you'll notice smoke in one of the installations.

7. Teleport (5) — an old teleport used to be located here; a new one was built, but no one knows how. Try to enter the booth, and you'll receive a valuable clue.

A fire broke out in the pumping station due to the new computer overheating. You've been chosen by the Center to solve the problem. Report to the Boss for details. Then leave the Center and head to the building with the cosmic pool. Jump on the trampoline and dive into the center. You'll be transported to the moon. Talk to the astronaut. He'll agree to take two lost programmers if you provide him with a star map. Return to the Center, use the appropriate teleporter, and transfer to Middleville.

Ask the pirate in the back of the tavern for special goods and buy a map from him. Deliver the map to the astronaut, who will fulfill his agreement. Since there are no more programmers, the Center is forced to discard the new supercomputer. You've completed your task. Use the next teleporter to get to the desert.

In Egypt, talk to the soldier, concubine, and mercenary. Then go to the pyramid. Pick up a piece of wall painting and take it back to Stomaca for analysis by Mr. Spork. Then examine the diagram on the wall closely, and ask the genie trapped in the bottle to open the door. In the next chamber, you must step according to the alphabetical order of the hieroglyphs. Find the bricked-up doors. Take the scepter from the wall and use it to knock over the goblet. You must drink its contents to open the passage. Proceed, but don't touch the stone head of the god. In the room with snakes, smash everything that moves, then approach the wall and speak to the mirror. It will fall and break. Collect all the pieces and go to the room with flattened heroes on the wall. Carefully insert a large piece of mirror, smashing them into small fragments. In the corridor before the entrance is a painting of the sun. Place the first piece of the mirror there, traverse the halls until you've used them all, and the beam of light will reach where it needs to. Take the appropriate three figurines (yellow, orange, and blue). Now you must find the room with the golden plaque under which are swampy sands. Put on the rockets and read the inscription. Find a large knife and use it to offer a sacrifice of your blood into the goblet. Only then can you enter the room with the columns. Arrange the three figurines according to the diagram. The beams will converge and form the edges of a tetrahedron. Once again, put on the rockets to avoid death in the sands that will fall from the hole in the ceiling. Approach the face of the Sphinx. You'll have to answer three of its riddles correctly. If you succeed, you'll reach the sarcophagus containing the miniaturization staff. Use it to escape the pyramid. Use the last teleporter to reach the castle. On the top floor is a ship. Shrink it and take it to the pumping station on Stomaca. You'll sail with it to the last island.

On Shold, find the old sage; he'll tell you what to do next and whom to avoid. Find the workshop of the mad doctor. He'll tell you the story of how he was ignored and expelled, how he invented a deadly spell for the Lord himself, and how he'll show them all. He may give you his weapon in exchange for a remote control for his TV. Otherwise, he won't watch the annual SciBowl. With the soul on your shoulder, go to the fortress of the Dragoons. Enter the door on the right and go all the way to the Alchemist. He has the remote control bone. Jump back to the doctor, take the spell, and return. Soon, the guards will catch you and bring you before the Lord. Before your death, ask him for entertainment. Though the Lord is a ruthless master, he'll allow you one last pleasure in his harem. Go downstairs and further until you find a diamond. Find the baron's daughter and talk to her. Take all the mushrooms and eat the green one; you'll become temporarily invisible. Behind the chapel is a bone and shiny cannonballs that you must take.

Find the mirror and use the diamond on it. Give the bone to the monster, but beware of the bear. Go right. You can either quickly bypass or defeat the executioners in the next room. The same goes for the occupants of the following room. Near the snake throne, go left. Free the prince by throwing the cannonballs into the adjacent cell. He'll give you a flute. Play it at the throne and enter the Lord's private chambers. Diplomatically converse with him and demonstrate your spell. From what remains of his former glory, extract the snake-shaped key. Use it in the throne room, and a well will open. Jump into it and enter the room with the sharks. Pull the lever. Live meat will be thrown into the pool. The water will turn scarlet, but you'll have to repeat the procedure to swim to the other side. In the room with the bursting fire, move the stone. The river water will extinguish the flames but flood the hole. Move the stone again from the other side, wait for the water to be drained, and jump into the dark abyss. Break the hole in the statue and enter it. In the chamber, approach the window, and you'll see the island of Culpit, the seat of all evil, ceasing to exist under the influence of the last fiery breath of the Great Dragoon. Mikhal Nuke was indeed severely defeated, but unfortunately, he managed to escape the devastation in a flying saucer.

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