Space Quest - Complete step by step guide

We begin another adventure, in which by accident, from a simple janitor, you will become the captain of an intergalactic garbage ship!

You are a cadet at the Academy, and besides the duty of maintaining cleanliness, you can also occasionally attend lectures. Today is the exam, which of course you will pass with the lowest passing grade. In the test, the correct answers are the last ones, i.e., E in all questions, and in the eighth and ninth — D. Because you're late, you have to clean the hall. Take the pylons and waxer from the locker. Then head south, and then east. You need to teleport down, where you should set up the pylons. Start the waxer and clean the entire triangle.

In the interlude scene, you'll see how a stray rat causes a short circuit in the teacher's computer, resulting in you receiving the highest grade! Eavesdropping on the conference won't do you any good either, as the ambassador, due to lack of a better candidate, appoints you as the captain of EUREKA — a ship collecting porcelain.

Before embarking on your historic mission, familiarize yourself with the ship. The lower deck is the engine room, while upstairs is the laboratory with a teleporter, corridor, and pilot's cabin. The teleporter replaces the entrance doors and is activated by the oral command ENERGIZE. Unfortunately, the ship's mechanic, Cliffy, didn't do a good job with the installation, so the teleporter tends to spark, shake, and is generally unreliable.

When you sit in the captain's chair, you'll see your subordinates: green Flo, responsible for radio communication, and red Droole, the navigator. The position of the science officer is currently vacant. The crew mostly ignores you, but they follow orders, adding silly comments and slacking off when you're not around. All commands are issued verbally, according to the table below the instructions.

Sit in your chair and order Flo to contact the base (HAIL STAR-CON). Set the coordinates for the planet GANGULARIS (LAY IN A COURSE) and engage light speed (LITE SPEED). When you receive information that you're approaching the destination, reduce speed (REGULAR SPEED) and activate the garbage collection mechanism (ACTIVATE RRS). Whether it's a car or a submarine, the sounds of braking and sonar definitely don't come from space. You'll find out that there's a living creature in the trash container. Leave the cabin and open the container with the button, a spider will stick to your face. Finally, a sincere creature. You've named the spider Spike, and from now on, he'll accompany you. You just need to keep him in a jar because Cliffy complains that the spider's excretions corrode the steel. There's a toolbox on the left side, take ANTACIDS, FUSE, HOLE PUNCH, and LASER TORCH from it. Go to the laboratory and stand in the bottom left corner. Once you catch Spiky, put him in the red jar on the right side and add ANTACIDS to him.

Now command to PEEYU, and then to KIZ URAZGUBI, of course, collecting garbage along the way. The calm work has come to an end because you've been caught up by the cyborg WD-40, intending to kill you. Teleport to the planet, where a difficult task awaits you.

Go under the waterfall and head right. Climb onto the branch and in a moment, you'll take a bath, but you'll have a stick. Go back. Cross the log and after shaking the bananas with the stick, pick one. Go left, enter the left cave, and from the panoramic view of the waterfall, go to the left cave again. Jump over the gap, climb up, and push the stone with the stick. You'll damage the persecutor a bit. Return to the waterfall, then hide in the known log. When the injured person lands, plug her nozzles with a banana, and there will be a big BOOM!

Pick up the metal head and return to the ship. The cautious Cliffy will already start mounting WD-40 back, but he promises to remove her anti-Roger program from memory. For now, return to the planet and use the pilot you received to open the entrance to the cyborg's ship. Inside, dismantle the invisibility device by turning the wheels in the safe in all directions.

Return to the ship and head to the Academy — you've already circled the designated places. The STANDARD ORBIT command allows you to enter the Academy's orbit to teleport safely to the bar, but don't forget to take the spider! Sit with friends at the table, and you'll receive some new items. Captain Quirk from Goliath, your eternal rival, will propose a game of space battles! You may win or not, it affects the number of points collected. Meanwhile, Cliffy will get into a fight and end up in jail. Pour SPACE MONKEYS into the powder at the table's straw and go right. Look at the second door from the bottom on the left. Your spider will be perfect for removing the grates behind which Cliffy is stuck. Together, return to the restaurant and teleport back to the ship. Place the spider in the jar and fly to CLOROX II.

The robot WD-40 will be promoted and become the officer in charge of science on your ship. Order her to SCAN PLANET. Enter the central, spacious building and try to use the computer. You'll be attacked! Some mutant will try to spit in your face. By turning your head left and right, you must avoid his phlegm, and after the fifth time, Droole will hit him with a pistol.

You can pick up the piece of paper in the bottom left corner of the room. Read the number from it (80869) and enter this sequence into the computer on the table. You can now read the LOG from Goliath. Exit the building and go to the bottom left corner of the screen, then to the right until you see a large bottle. You can use your computer and return to the ship. Set a course for the green planet.

From the corridor, go down (activating the elevator with the button). Take a mask and an oxygen bottle from the lockers. Head to the room from which you always teleport, put on the mask, and teleport. Outside, you'll see an escape pod. Take a coat from it, then press the glowing button. Now go left until a woman attacks you. When you both hang over the abyss, use the coat, computer, and then climb up the rope.

On the ship, place the poor soul in the hibernation chamber. Set the time to 10 seconds, freeze her, and return to the pilot's cabin. When your ship is attacked, issue the EVASIVE ACTION command and head towards the meteoroids.

Cliffy will go outside to fix the damage, but after a while, you'll have to rescue him with the engine. The vehicle control is simple: you steer with your left hand and operate the gripper with your right. When you have Cliffy in sight, the message TARGET IN RANGE will appear. Push the right lever and press the button with your right thumb. On the radar, the red dot is Cliffy, and the green one is EUREKA.

Issue the flight command to the SPACE STATION and teleport there. Unfortunately, the broken teleporter will turn your body into a mindless sack and a fly. There's no way to avoid it. Approach the water, and a frog will attack you. All she'll manage to do is connect your computer to communicate with the ship. Tell the crew that you've been turned into a fly and fly left. On the rock, you'll notice a slot for a magnetic card. Go through it and carefully observe which rays activate the lock mechanism.

In the bottom right corner of the room is a computer from which you'll learn about the whole situation. Quirk was bribed by the illegal waste disposal gang in space and serves them by carrying garbage with Goliath. Due to a mutation, a substance hatched that deformed the crew. Fortunately, Beatrice managed to escape from Goliath, taking the dome separator, which immobilized it in space. Focus on Project X.

Once you leave the room, lead Cliffy to your body, which is in the trash. The smart guy will reconnect you back into functioning Roger Wilco. Punch holes in the business card so that the holes form the letter X and you'll be able to open the door in the rock. There's a small window next to the stairs, right at the entrance to the pilot's cabin. Replace the fuse according to the diagram and quickly return to the ship's deck laboratory. Take the spider out of the jar and teleport.




92767 — PEEYU


69869 — ACADEMY 90210 — CLOROX II







54671 — MONOSTADT 7

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