WOODRUFF - Walkthrough

You start the game in front of Professor Azimuth's house. Press the red button (UNDERWEAR BUTTON) and talk to the guy standing by the wall (ONLOOKER) — after getting information, you will be directed to J. F Sebastiana, usually found in the bar. Go left until you reach (by the lower passage) the poisoned river. Take the nut (NUT) from the wooden box. Ask the beggar (BEGGAR) if you can safely cross the water, and when, after his cunning persuasion, you scald your feet, throw the nut at him. Take the boot (BOOT OF CROCOMOTH HAIR) that will be thrown at you.

Return to Professor Azimuth's house. Use the obtained boot to knock the other boot off the roof and put them on. Inside the boot, you'll find a picture, show it to the woman (YOUNG WOMAN) sitting on the balcony on Sad Boozook Street (STREET OF SAD BOOZOOK). The professor's fan will exchange the photo for an article about Azimuth's invention. Use the lower passage to return to the river. The boots will provide you with sufficient protection to cross it.

Once on the other side, pick up the nut and go left to Wino's Alley (WINO'S ALLEY). Take a handful of feathers from the bag (BAG OF FEATHERS) and exchange a few words with the drunkard (WINO). Enter the bar (BAR OF BOOZOOK AND HUMAN FRIENDS).

Talk to the bar owner (BAR OWNER). The woman will introduce herself as your former teacher, remind you that Azimuth is your adopted father, and on his behalf, give you a stone shaped like the letter A. Ask her to point out J. F Sebastiana among the customers and to teach you how to read. When she agrees, give her the article. After the lesson, read the notice (NOTICE). Wait until the bartender descends from the ceiling on harnesses and take the bottle opener from his pocket (BARMAN'S POCKET). Approach Sebastian, take the coffee cup (CUP OF COFFEE) standing in front of him, and ask him about recent events. The information he provides will help Woodruff regain his memory. He will remember how Bigwig kidnapped his father — Azimuth — and brutally murdered his beloved teddy bear. Then, he decides to take revenge on the vile gangster. After this wave of memories, pick up the brush lying nearby, return to the bar, and go outside.

Treat the drunkard to coffee, and in return, he'll give you a watch and dip the brush in a barrel of tar (TAR BARREL). Go to Sad Boozook Street and insert the stone letter ("A” IMPRINT) into the indentation in the stone. This way, you'll obtain the tobozon — a combination of a telephone and a television.

Go to Stairs Street (STAIRS STREET). Kick the can (CAN OF FOOD) lying on the sidewalk and pick up the bean (BEAN) that falls out. Kick the can again and pick it up. Return to Professor Azimuth's house, read the elevator instructions (PRESS HERE...), and go up to the higher level of the city, to the Administration Center (ADMINISTRATION CENTER).

Go left to Brotoflatron Square (AREA OF BROTOFLATRON). Read the job recruitment announcement (EMPLOYMENT AD) and, using the tobozon, call the employment office (RECRUITMENT NO). You'll find out that they need your photo and a breath sample. Talk to the gambler (GAMBLER) and enter the pet shop (CUI-CUI OUAH-OUAH STORE). Approach the parrot (JEFF LOVEBIRD) and eliminate the reason for its distraction by painting strategic areas of the poster with a brush. Talk to the bird and stuff a bunch of feathers into its rear end so it can return to its former job at the High Morals Club. Put the nut on the wheel axle (WHEEL) where the rat runs, powering the fan outside. When the little animal stops, step outside the store for a moment and whistle the fake finger (FINGER MADE OF MORPHOPLASTOC) to the store owner (OWNER OF THE STORE). Go to the dark part of the room and use the mirror and the windmill (GLAPPER FLOPPER) to aim the laser beam activated by the switch (SWITCH) so that the nose (BIG NOSE NOT TOO CLEAN) appears in the darkness. Fiddle with the plastic nose with a plastic finger, and a secret passage leading to the gambling cave (CLANDESTINE GAME ROOM) will open.

Go to the Red Light District (RED LIGHT DISTRICT). Talk to Miss Spinning Top — Azimuth's envoy. She will give you a stone fish, which you'll drop, provide you with the number to the throne room, and tell you about the troubles of the Boozook government.

Approach the pinball machine (FLIPPER), play a few times, and when Woodruff gets angry and smashes the machine, pick up the coin (ONE STRUL). Use it immediately in another machine (MONEY MACHINE) to win a couple more coins. Go left to the Virtual Travel Tower (VIRTUAL TRIP TOWER). Move the meteorite blocking the passage (LARGE METEORITE), check what's wrong with the dude blocking the elevator (DUDE), and play "three cups" (THREE CUP TRICK PLAYER) with one of the coins. Go left to Brotoflatron Square and use the elevator to go to Bigwig's Area (BIGWIG'S AREA).

Talk to the slave Boozook (SLAVE BOOZOOK), watch both ads (AD), take off the robot's shirt (SHIRT FRONT), and buy glasses and a fake chin in the store with various odd accessories (ARTIFICIAL LIMBS AND JOINTS STORE).

Approach the stain (STAIN) and pick up the trash bag (TRASH BAG) that will fall on your head in a moment. Call the Heart To Body program and watch as Woodruff falls in love with Miss Coh Cott, the host of the show. Dial Coh Cott's secretary's number (HEART TO BODY NO) and convince her to arrange a meeting with her boss for you. Put away the tobozon and take it out of your pocket again after a moment — the secretary will give you Miss Coh Cott's private number.

Call her only to find out that she doesn't want to deal with you. Go to the square in front of the factory (FACTORY'S ENTRANCE). Pick up an old newspaper (NEWSPAPER) and read the article about Coh Cott and Bigwig's relationship.

Sit on the bench (BENCH). Click on Woodruff a few times, and when he starts to cry, ring the doorbell (DOOR BELL). A little guy will appear and wipe Woodruff's tears. Ring the doorbell again, and the same little creature will bring a message from Azimuth. Call the professor (AZIMUTH CHANNEL), who will explain the essence of the mysterious Schnibbl. Go to the entrance of the Boozook Temple (BOUZOUK TEMPLE). Talk to the temple guard (TEMPLE GUARD), who will promise to let you in in exchange for a certain type of nut.

Go to the dry fountain (PLACE OF WATERLESS FOUNTAIN). Ask about the reason for the Wise Man's suffering (POWERLESS WISEMAN), and you'll be asked to go and talk to his wife on his behalf. Buy a cap from him for one strul and go to the Administration Center to the nut merchant (NUT MERCHANT). You will learn there that the owner of Virtual Trips bought the last nut.

Go to the guy (VIRTUAL TRIPS TRAVEL AGENCY OWNER) and talk to him. He promises to give you the nut for free if you provide him with something equally hard that he could use as a support for his safe. Call for the weather forecast (CANAL METEO CHANNEL) as many times as necessary until a meteorite fall is announced in some area. Go there and use the watch to determine the exact location of the impact.

When the "stone from the sky" falls and shatters on the ground, pick up a fragment of the meteorite (METEORITE FRAGMENT) and exchange it for the nut as agreed. Take the fruit to the guard, but he will become picky and demand that you crack it open. Return to the Bar Alley and dip the nut in tar. Once again, find out where the meteorite will fall and place the fruit there (CROSS).

After a big bang, you will be able to bring the guard the coveted nut core (BLUXTRE PULP). Enter the temple (TEMPLE HALLWAYSLEVEL 1). Take the lid of the pot (LID OF POT) and the gasoline canister (GASOLINE CONTAINER). Read the note (MESSAGE) hanging on the door of the Time Wise Man (ROOM OF TIME WISEMAN). Go to the second level of the temple (SECOND LEVEL). Talk to the Word Wise Man (WORD WISEMAN).

On the keyboard on the door to the Talent Wise Man's apartment (ROOM OF TALENT WISEMAN), enter the code (KAH LRZ GOZ GNEE) and talk to his wife. Use the code from the note (BLAZ KAH ZIG DRU) to open the window (WINDOW) in the door to the Assembly Hall (CONCUIL CHAMBER), reach through it, and open the door. Go inside and talk to the Time Wise Man (TIME WISEMAN).

Go to the third level of the temple (THIRD LEVEL). Read the note (MESSAGE) on the door of the Strength Wise Man's apartment (ROOM OF STRENGHT WISEMAN) and enter the Throne Room (THRONE ROOM) using the code (ZIG STO DRU BLAZ). Take the note with magical formulas (LIST OG MAGIC FORMULAE) off the wall, pick up the Boozook chewing-gum (BOOZOOK CHEWING-GUM) from the ground, and read the menu (MENU).

Talk to the king (HIS WIDTHNESS, THE KING), politely hand him the bottle opener so he doesn't have to open bottles with his only remaining tooth, and in return, you'll be knighted. When you mention the professor to the king, you'll receive one of the magic Syllables. Ask him to tell you about Schnibbl, and when he finishes, talk to the Strength Wise Man (STRENGHT WISEMAN) — to help him, you'll have to go back in time.

Go back to the first level (FIRST LEVEL) and call (KAH BLAZ ZIG STO) the inhabitant of the Taste Wise Man (ROOM OF THE TASTE WISEMAN). You will learn from him that to prepare the traditional Boozook dish — Boozooioli — he needs a very rare spice.

Go out in front of the temple and ask the Word Wise Man what's going on. Go to the gate of the prison (SLAMMER'S DEAD-END), exchange a few words with the guard (JAIL GUARD), leave the board, and come back after a moment.

Enter the laboratory through the pipe (LAB). Pick up the Schnaplure seed (SCHNAPLURE SEED), talk to the seemingly unhappy Fertility Wise Man (FERTILITY WISEMAN), and then ask the "scientist" (PROFESSOR TOURNEBOULE) about the experiments he conducts on the Boozook.

Go left to the fan platform (FAN'S PLATFORM). Pour gasoline from the canister into the fan tank (TANK), press the switch (SWITCH), and "tangibly" check the speed at which the rotor blades (FAN) rotate. As a result of the experiment, you'll end up in the High Morals Club.

Throw the trash bag into the brazier (BRAZIER) to calm down the nagging censor, and remind Jeff the parrot (JEFF, DOORMAN) of the promised favor.

When he opens the door for you, enter the club president's office (PRESIDENT'S QUARTERS). Watch for a moment as the president's (HIGH MORALS CLUB PRESIDENT) pants fall at the climax of his speech, then help the poor man with the button. This will allow him to deliver a fiery speech to the club members and allow you to use the VCR.

Watch the three tapes (VIDEOTAPE) in the office, which will reveal the next Syllable, and then go outside.

Find out where it will rain soon and at that location (CROSS), collect rainwater into your cap. Go to the area with the dried fountain and drop the seed into it (WATERLESS FOUNTAIN). Water it with the water from your cap and pick the fruit from the grown plant (SCHNAPLURE BUSH). Recite the Artistic Syllable to the Artistic Wise Man. Return to the temple. Give the fruit to the Taste Wise Man in exchange for a plate of Boozooioli.

Call the door of the Word Wise Man's apartment (ROOM OF THE WORD WISEMAN) — third level, code (BNZ BNZ BNZ GLAP). Talk to the Word Wise Man's pet and give it a bean. Remind the Word Wise Man of the Basic Syllable spoken by the pet.

Enter the temple again and enter the Health Wise Man's apartment (ROOM OF THE HEALTH WISEMAN) — first level, code (POO ZIG DRU BNZ) — and talk to the wife of the Fertility Wise Man (ROOM OF THE FERTILITY WISEMAN) — second level, code (BNZ POO GLAP BLAZ).

Go to the pet store and approach the Time Syllable Clock. Seal the hole in the hose with chewing gum and pour water from your cap into the reservoir. Take the gum, and tell the Time Wise Man in the Assembly Hall the syllable sung by the frog from the clock. Also, learn from him what the Advice Syllable sounds like.

Now go to the Virtual Travel Tower, pay the owner for using the game (if you don't have enough money, win more, for example, at the vice district slot machine), and sit in the chair (VIRTUAL TRIPS SEAT). From the virtual game area, you will release the Health Wise Man, and in return, he will give you the Healing Syllable.

From (STAIRS STREET), go down to the square with the monument (MEMORIAL). Create the Time Formula (TIME SYLL., BASIC SYLL., LEADING SYLL.) and use it on the monument (STATUE OF THE COMMANDER). This will take you back to the past to the moment when people achieved victory over the Boozooks.

Pick up the corn cob (CORN EAR) and examine the restored aquarium (OVERTURNED JAR). Move the rock below (ROCK) and take out the fish from the helmet (HELMET). Throw it to the leader as armor (ARMOUR). Talk to the mortally wounded warrior (DYING BOOZOOK), show him the key ring received from the king. The Boozook will give you the safe code and a horn. Blow it and move the rock (ROCK) crushing someone. Take the trident (TRIDENT) and use it to move the next two rocks, then pull out the delinquent by the feet (BOOZOOK FEET) from under the last one. Talk to the rescued Boozook (DYING BOO-ZOOK) — he promises to repay you — and then you can return to your time (PRESENT).

From the Commander statue, behind the armor (SUIT OF ARMOUR), take out the stone fish and go to the prison gate. Place the stone fish in the indentation in the rock (FISH IMPRINT), and you will find a transportozon — a device for quick and easy movement. When you try to enter the small building on the right, the Master will appear and teach you how to control your hearing. Take the snail's shell (SNAIL'S SHELL) and the stone arm (STONE ARM) from the building floor. Go to the throne room. Using the code from the past (GLAP POO GNEE ZIG), open the safe (SAFE). Speak the Energy Syllable (ENERGY SYLLABLE) in front of the Strength Wise Man.

Return to the laboratory. Create the Happiness Formula (ARTISTIC SYLL., BASIC SYLL., ADVICE SYLL.). Enter the "House of Perpetually Smiling People" (HOUSE OF HAPPINESS) and use the formula you just obtained to cheer up the pear-headed weirdo (SPECIAL WEIRDO). Convince the nurse (NURSE) with a strong blow that nothing can stop the game heroes, open the door by pulling the lever (LEVER), go out, and give the Green Syllable (GREEN SYLLABLE) to the Fertility Wise Man. To release the Wise Man, create the Growth Formula (BASIC SYLL., GREEN SYLL., ADVICE SYLL.) and treat the professor (PROFESSOR TOURNEBOULE) with it.

Go to the Assembly Hall, where the Council of the Wise will select you to rid the City of evil. The mysterious Chprotznog will be essential for this task. Place a can on the table (COUNCIL TABLE) where the Chprotznog will be placed. Go to the square with the brotoflatron and take two photos of yourself with it, naturally for money: one normal and the other with a few "extras": put on a shirt (SHIRT FRONT), glasses, a fake chin, paint your hair black with a brush, and put corn in your mouth. Send such a photo (PERFECT PHOTO) to the employment office using the tobozon (OPENING OF THE DRIVE).

Go to the Administrative Center, create the Strength Formula (ENERGY SYLL., ADVICE SYLL., BASIC SYLL.) and the Memory Formula (LEADING SYLL., BASIC SYLL., LEADING SYLL.). Ask the bureaucrat (BUREAUCRAT) for the document you need, and when he refuses, use the Strength Formula on him. Send the obtained Breathing Certificate to the employment office — you will be hired. Go to the square in front of the factory and show the pass (EMPLOYM. CERT.) to the guard (FACTORY GUARD).

Your task in the factory will be relatively simple — you have to pack one hat in a box. First, take the hat (HAT) off the conveyor belt and try it on in front of the mirror (MIRROR). If it's defective, throw it into the reject bin (REJECT BIN), and if it's good, press the button (SWITCH).

Place the crate (CRATE) that comes out of the feeder on the conveyor belt and pack the hat into it. Now quickly stand on the left side of the machine, and then hold the knot with your finger so the device can tie a beautiful bow. Report to the foreman (FOREMAN) the completion of the assigned task, and when he refuses the praise you deserve, things will quickly get out of control. Ultimately, you will end up wrapped in a safety coat, hanging about one and a half meters above the ground in a room without doorknobs.

Sway a few times, and the rope will break. Pick up the broken link of the chain from the floor (PIECE OF CHAIN) and tear off the carpet from the wall (WALL) with it. Unscrew the screw from the wall (SCREW) and use it to open the lock (LOCK). Move to the next room.

Screw the screw into the hole in the wall (HOOK) and take your things from the closet (CLOSET). Look at the weirdo with a funnel on his head (ORDINARY WEIRDO). Call the Tax Office (TAX COLLECTION NO). However, since none of the officials will help you, Woodruff will lose control again and take off the safety coat. Move to the Administrative Center and read the graffiti on the wall, and the Master will teach you Smell Control.

Go to the dried fountain and descend to the workshop one floor below (PASSAGE TO THE BOTTOM). Activate the tobozon (PUBLIC TOBOZON) and learn the next part of the Master's knowledge — Sight Control. Press the switch twice in the Alley Before the Bar and learn Hair Control. Use the Memory Formula (MEMORY FORM.) on the drunkard (WINE). Talk to him. Give him your photo (IDENTITY PHOTO), and in return, you will receive a note with the rules of the Rummy game. Go left to Stairs Street and use Strength Formula to take a kite from the shop window (SHOP WINDOW).

Go to the prison gate and talk to the guard. Report to the bureaucrat in the Administrative Center with the appropriate form. Help him remember where he put it with the Memory Formula and give it (FORM.) to the guard. Enter the prison courtyard (PRISON'S COURTYARD). Take a rag (RAG). Offer the Rummy game to the jail guards (JAIL GUARDS), and under the pretext of needing to use the restroom (RESTROOM), leave the table. Wipe the window (WINDOW) with the rag, and when the robot appears, insert the note with the Rummy rules into its manipulator (ROBOT). Go to the wall (DOOR LEADING TO THE BULWARK) and enter the prison tower (PRISON CENTRAL TOWER). Wait until strong winds are forecasted in the area, mark the location of their greatest intensity, and let the collaboration of wind and kite carry you one floor up. Ask the prisoner (PRISONER) for help and climb to a higher level using the stone blocks he will push out for you. Connect the stone arm to the rope (ROPE) and throw it onto the left sculpture (GARGOYLE). You will meet the Master there, who will give you the final lesson — levitation.

Call Coh Cott, and you will be invited to a reception as well as witness the Beast's attack on Miss Cott. Go to the platform with the fan, and in its draft (FAN), levitate (LEVITATION) to the parking lot in front of Coh Cott's house. Insert the shell into the impression on the spiral statue (SPIRAL), and you will learn the last of the Syllables. Call the door (GLAP ZIG GNEE LRZ) and talk to the doorman (EYE DOORMAN). Show him the glasses — unfortunately, it won't be enough for participation in the reception. Go to the Virtual Travel Tower. Create the Clairvoyance Formula (INTUITIVE SYLL., INTUITIVE SYLL., BASIC SYLL.) and use it to prove the player's fraud in the "three cups" game (THREE CUP PLAYER). Take the eye from Stairs Street (EYE MADE OF MORPHOPLASTOC), which fell there, and move to the Prison Tower.

Throw your grabber (GRABBER) onto the right sculpture (GARGOYLE) and find the door in the wall (WALL) with the Clairvoyance Formula. Talk to Professor Azimuth, who will explain what all this is really about, and return to Coh Cott's house (ARISTOC-RATS TERRACE). Look at the plant in the pot (PLANT) and use the Growth Formula on it. Climb into Bigwig's apartment (BIGWIG'S APARTMENT). Look at the force field (FORCE FIELD), and then use the Master's advice and levitate through it.

Before Bigwig attacks, shield yourself with the cover. Then quickly insert the compact (CEEDEE-ROM) into the VCR slot (SLOT IN THE VCR), and put the viblefrotzer on Bigwig's head — a device that changes the age of the person using it. Take the magnetic card from Bigwig's remaining clothes (CLOTHES). Press the button on the chair's backrest (SWITCH). Go upstairs to the Beast.

Hang the chprotznog on the hook on the ceiling (HOOK) and inform the Beast that its end is near. When the monster penetrates your body, eat boozooioli to expel it. Try to use the magnetic card on the lock (LOCK), and the Beast will paralyze you. The only thing left for you then is to pull the lever (LEVER) to capture it. To make sure it doesn't escape from its prison, seal the hole in the chprotznog with chewing gum and open the lock with the magnetic card. Woodruff will enter the president's room, discover that he is only a robot, and take control.


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