EcoQuest II - Walkthrough

As Adam, you're transitioning from the icy depths of the ocean to the steamy South American rainforest. From the murky waters to the lush greenery, your journey continues. Your goal? Bring a sigh of relief to nature ravaged by civilization.

In 1993, "EcoQuest II" was released, but let's be honest, it didn't quite live up to the original. Now, it's your turn to explore and make your mark.

Your adventure begins as you, Adam, enter the South American jungle with your dad to check pollution levels. But, wow, the garbage is everywhere! Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Feeling disheartened? Take a moment to rest at the beach and sit down with joy: in front of you, you'll see a shimmering lake surface reflecting all the colors of the rainbow. Quickly, take off your shirt and eagerly jump into the water. Imagine your surprise when you feel like a fly in tar. Wave your arms with all your might and slowly begin to approach the shore. When you're finally at a safe distance from the oil slick, decide to wash off the filth, but you can't find water anywhere. Remember, you have to manage somehow in life, so notice a bucket with fish nearby, and wash yourself in their slime.

As Adam, you decide not to let this beautiful country be destroyed and you're back here today. Promise yourself not to leave with empty hands and get down to work.

Make it easier for the silly customs officer, and then talk to a native. He turns out to be a representative of the Nature Conservation League (NCL). Hit it off with the father and the NCL representative immediately, and go to look around. Talk to some folks, eavesdrop on their conversation, and when you get bored, go back to your dad. He has an ECORDER for you, a device that records information about everything around. Show him how to use it and ask him to test it.

Feeling overwhelmed with litterbugs? Lay down in the boat. When you wake up, you're in the middle of a huge forest. Accept the gift from the creatures, take a leaf, and pick up some trash. The first attempt to climb a tree fails. The second, preceded by rubbing yourself with leaf sap, succeeds. As befits a chosen one, help the poor birds. So go left along the branch, pick flowers, and use them as a gas mask at the top of the tree. Pour water from the tank - the nest is saved. Return to the birds and talk to the chick. Your mission on the tree is done, so try to climb down. But oops! Strange sounds come from below, so there is nothing else to do but wander on the branches. Walk for so long until you see a drum. Take it without hesitation and... fall.

Fortunately, the mud softens the fall. However, you can't move, so decide to be clever. Use vegetables as bait and a rope as a tow line. You're saved! Play a tune on the drums and repeat it in the tree. Talk to the Queen of the Forest, accept a gift, and take a cup and beans. Give the drum to the boy and go to rummage in the bushes. Break off a bunch of fruit and take a necklace. Give it to the mourning girl and in return get permission to borrow the gardener's machete. She gives you roots (a new generation) needed to make a drink.

Children cry, especially when stung by bees. It's useful to have a remedy then. Unfortunately, only the shaman knows how to make it. So you have to give him the ingredients, and he'll take care of the rest. In exchange for smearing the child with medicine, receive a cup with which you lure a butterfly. Give the butterfly to the villager repairing the hut and enter inside. Use the slimy leaf as a stopper and put the fruits in the bowl. Then choose the right pattern and paint yourself. Together with all the villagers, go to the Queen of the Forest. After a short conversation and an incredible honor, the EVIL enters the village! You only have time to save a bat. Then they catch you. With the help of a carrot, free yourself from the ropes and run to the second room. Push the tiger aside and lean against his ham. Rummage through the fax, under the blanket, and open the safe. Using a method known since the Middle Ages, escape through a hole in the floor.

Turn off the alarm and grab the vacuum cleaner. The suspenders will also come in handy. Then vacuum up some more seeds and feed the birds with them. One more move and the fatso will be done for. Then just use the axe and tennis racket.

Bats again. This time you'll have to distribute visas to them. Then go through immigration yourself and find yourself in the land of bats. Talk to the hanging one, and then free the panther from its chains. Go to the boat, and there the bat falls! So go back to the sage and ask for help. Use the whistle you obtained to drive away the bats.

There's nothing like monkeys - not only do they throw coconuts, but they also eat bananas. You have to help them, because they are nice animals. In return, you'll receive piranha jaws and a large leaf. Finally, just scare the eagle away with a golden feather. Again, garbage everywhere! Quickly get to work, and after a while, the area will be cleaned up. Then dig your finger into the mask and take out the magnifying glass, and finally, you can put it in the right place. The lumps and the little circle will do their job - the passage will be open. After a short maneuvering in the maze, you'll reach the temple. There rummage through the pictures, and then pull the ropey snake. Put the lace on your head and put the monster to sleep with music. After that, everything will go smoothly. The trinket from the Queen of the Forest will calm the plants, and the twisted head will turn into a source. Take the bowl from the little girl and place it in the hole in the stone, and throw the flower into the water. Now you can choose the real seed. Unfortunately, the clumsy gold seeker will fly in with his plane and start digging up the ground. Luckily, his eyes won't be used to the dust, and the whistle will have a long range. There will still be the matter of giving a drink to the friendly bat, and the mission will be almost complete.

What will happen, will happen! The Queen of the Forest will die, and her successor will need to be planted quickly. So you'll put the seed in the ground, and the sun will immediately shine brighter. Everyone will cheerfully go home, and you'll be left alone with the shaman. Use the whistle again, and joyfully learn about Paquita's offspring. So you'll fulfill your mission and anxiously await the next calamity.

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