7 DAYS AND 7 NIGHTS - How to Complete the Game


Start in your office. Take a pencil, bleach, and flowers from the vase on your desk. From the library, take a belt and a box of gum. Take the key from the vase. Now go to the adjacent room. Take Autovidol from the windowsill. With all this, go to the hotel.

At the reception, take the key and go upstairs. In the men's restroom, in the bin, you'll find a matchbox. Go out to the hallway and knock on the third door on the right. Talk to Jasmine standing in the doorway. Keep talking to her persistently until only her dog remains in the doorway. Once you achieve this, head to the store near your office.

Chat with Felix there. He'll give you Pedigree Pal and Pedigree Secam for dogs. Armed with these, return to the door and feed the dog. The dachshund won't withstand the test. It will lie dead in its basket inside the room. Take it from there. Also, take the fish from the aquarium.

Now talk to Jasmine a couple more times. You'll learn that she's deeply mourning the loss of her favorite pet. You promised to help ease her suffering.

Then go to the office and take the parrot cage. Give it to Jasmine — she'll happily fall into your arms.


Start by heading to the swimming pool. Take a pot from the nearby bushes. Then, focus your attention on Trampoline sitting by the poolside. Talk to her. You'll immediately realize that spending the night with her is a piece of cake. You just need to encourage her to move near a certain piece of furniture. The problem is that the sunbathing she's doing has made her incredibly lazy, and she doesn't feel like moving from the water's edge.

Throw the fish into the pool. It, being famished in your pocket, will swallow the cork, causing the water to drain. Now go to the gym in the hotel (the second door on the left). Take a trophy from the closet, then start a conversation with Trampoline sitting on a nearby mattress.


Go to the farm and talk to your betting friend. He'll tell you he has a strong desire for... Karmina Smith's panties. Then, pick a few grains of wheat from the nearby field. Milk the cow grazing nearby into the trophy you have.

Now go to the hotel and knock on the fourth door from the right. Plump Karmina will open it for you. Talk to her until you find out that she'd love to have some cookies, like a cake. After this culinary challenge, go to the store.

From Felix, you'll get a cake mix. Also, go back to your office, where you'll find a new issue of Playboy. Take it to the museum and give the magazine to the guard. Inside, grind the wheat grains into flour on the mill model, and take a sword and a spear from the adjacent room. Go back to your office, put flour, cake mix, and milk into the pot, and place it in the oven. After a while, you'll be able to take out a ready cake from the stove. But that's not all yet.

Go to Tosiek, who spends his time near the lion cage, behind the circus tent. Talk to him, and you'll learn that the lion has a hundred-dollar bill in his mouth. Now take some aphrodisiac powders from the haystack, enhancing sexual desire in snakes. Spice up the cake with them. Now go back to the office and use the electrical socket to charge the dog.

This way, you'll get an electromagnet. Take it to the farm and approach the well. Put the puppy into the bucket and lower it to the bottom. When you pull it out, besides the dachshund, you'll also get a teaspoon. Repeat this process until you also get a thimble, a nail, a pipe, and a drill. Now go to the excavation in front of the hotel and pull out a shovel from there. Use the drill on the pipe. Gas will start coming out of the resulting hole. Take a condom from the box and fill it with gas. This way, you'll reach Karmina's window. Give her the cake, and you'll have one more woman off your list.


Use the sword to open the drawer in the desk. Take glue, a compass, a pen, a rope, and a button from it. Then go to the hotel and chat with Filomena (the fourth door from the left). After this visit, go to the men's restroom.

Take an obituary from the trash can and read it. As a result, you'll find yourself in the cemetery. There you'll see a gravedigger lying on Tosiek's grave. Pour Autovidol into his mouth, which is reeking of alcohol, and he'll calmly lie down, his arm bitten off by the lion, resting in peace. That's good because you have no intention of imitating him.

Dig up the grave with a shovel. You'll pull out an arm from it. Attach a rope to it and glue it. With such a device, go to the lion cage and put the contraption into his mouth.

After a while of tugging, you'll take it out, along with the lost hundred-dollar bill. Detach it and go to Felix. Buy whiskey from him. You'll need it before you start admiring Filomena's "charms"... But before that, go to the farm and exchange Karmina's panties for a chicken.


Go to the city market and visit the hairdresser's. Bozena, a representative of the oldest profession in the world, will be sitting in the chair. Give her the flowers, and you'll learn from her that today's session is with Hermina Smith. Cancel the meeting and go to the hotel.

First, however, go to the excavation and unscrew the screws from the hatch leading to the canal. After a successful job, enter the dark hole. Take a candle from there and come out. Then go to the men's restroom and go to its nook. To complete your happiness, you'll need something to stuff your chest.

Go to Felix with this problem and take two melons from him. Now go back and dress up as a woman. In this outfit, you'll be able to pass through the third door from the left.

Inside, you'll meet Hermina. Attach the candle to your belt and use the device on Hermina until the end...


Go to the museum. Use bleach on the plaque with the "rabbit mouse" sign. With a diamond ring (from Filomena), cut a hole in the above showcase and take out an egg. Take it to the tree nest behind the hotel and add a chicken to it. A magpie will hatch from the egg.

Leave this screen and come back. Now you'll be able to take a necklace from the nest, which was previously lying on the hotel's ledge. Knock on the second door from the right in the hotel, and you'll chat with Ewelina. She'll be pleased that you found her lost item. She'll ask you to repair the water supply before you can admire Filomena's "beauty"... Before that, go to the farm and exchange Karmina's panties for a chicken.


Go to the hotel and enter the middle door. Inside, you'll notice Rosalie meditating. Her whim is a precious stone hidden by her father in a safe located in a cave outside the city. To get the key to it, you need to throw all the sisters' necklaces into the nearby machine. You have six of them. The seventh one is on Rosalie's neck. However, she won't give it to you because she believes it protects her from ghosts.

Take this problem to Felix and exchange the ring for a duplicate necklace. Now go to the cave. Throw all the necklaces into the device and use the resulting key to open the safe. Take out a hundred-carat diamond from it and go to Rosalie...

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