Les Manley - Lost in L.A. - Walkthrough

Les Manley is just like anyone else. His eyes are bloodshot from staring at the screen constantly, his spine is curved, he has flat feet, a grotesque smile, and acne on his face. He just tore himself away from the electronic parasite to help a friend. Helmut is a cool buddy, just an ordinary guy. He's tall in his hat, girls swarm to him like bees to honey, and he's just found himself in quite a pickle. There's a kidnapper on the loose in Los Angeles, snatching up the more famous stars of the silver screen. Helmut is freaking out because he suspects that the criminal is...

At this moment, the phone call gets cut off. Les learns from the morning press that Helmut Bean and his squeeze LaFonda Turner have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Without much hesitation, our hero packs his bags, meaning the Los Angeles map - one piece, and his indispensable credit card, and sets off on a quest.

It's good to start the search on the coast, where Helmut used to work out. You'll meet two buffed-up babes there. Unfortunately, they won't talk to you, so you'll have to make some acquaintance first. Take a walk to the beach, glancing at the newspaper headline in the vending machine on the way. You find out that a unique, full solar eclipse is happening in a few minutes! You must use this for your nefarious purposes. Chat up the lifeguard and feed him some lines about how girls are into guys with computers, how you can get a great tan from the UV of a monitor, etc. When the eclipse happens, tie the guy up, then keep persuading him. Lance will be so pleased that he'll tell you how to approach the buffed-up chicks on your way out. Go back to Cindy and Mindy. Tell them in a deep voice that you're a buddy of the lifeguard. You'll learn everything they know. Incidentally, ask them what the police know about the events, they'll point you to a cop with a resonant name, Rock.

Head to the main alley. Find a policeman and address him by his name. Only then will he mumble that the case is being hushed up by the top brass, but all the data should be in the Los Angeles Police database. Brush up your language skills with the older couple. They're real snobs, but when you say you're a friend of Helmut, they'll beg for an autograph. In return, they'll give you another map, unfortunately the same as the one you already have. Find the tough guy waiting for a call on the corner. He's currently an unemployed hacker and not in the mood to chat with you. Go into the hotel and ask the owner about the guy on the street. Supposedly, his hippie parents named him Child of Peace. Go back to Blade. When you call him by his real name, he'll soften up immediately. Ask him about the laws governing the street. He'll tell you that the gang in front of the pawnshop is a bunch of rich brats he chased away from elsewhere. If he could do it, so can you. Approach the Boyz gang, pulling out a red bandana. They'll think it's a trophy torn from the dead body of another gang boss. They'll let you in without any problem.

In the pawnshop, there's a guy looking around nervously, as if someone's poking him with a stick in the ear. Notice the warm laptop on the top shelf. The shopkeeper will demand an astronomical price for it. You'll have to appeal to his basest instincts. Go back to the hotel and ask the boss for a ticket at the counter. He'll give it to you if you pick up some forgotten photos taken in the honeymoon suite. The drooling fatso hopes to find some juicy scenes on the film. Then go to the eco-girl with big blue eyes and ask for a photo with a star, preferably LaFonda. Turns out there's no film, so you'll have to provide your own. Return with the photo to Louie and exchange it for a computer. Now you need to figure out roughly what the password to the police data is. Go to the street dealer. Business isn't going well, and the guy doesn't know the city well enough to find a better spot. Make a good deal and exchange the map for a cell phone. Give the gizmo to Blade and ask for help. The hacker will call his friends for a hint. Unfortunately, the bureaucrat catches on that it's a sham, and you'll only hear that the password starts with 'L'.

Enough of this damn work. Leave the bar and it's time for a healthy break at the mud wrestling club. Show your ticket at the entrance. Here the film cuts off and you wake up in bed with two women next to you. Ask them for a floppy disk. Boot up the computer and start hacking into the police files. You already know the password starts with 'L', so it's logical to choose ELVIS from the sea of words starting with L.

Take a stroll on Rodeo Drive. Scare the bird under the tree. In flight, drop the ballast and tag the car. Finally, your credit card will come in handy, scratch off some bird droppings with it. Then take this priceless prop to Paramount Studios. At the entrance gate, an old man is on guard. Threaten to call the press, and he'll let you in. Enter one of the hangars on the right. Use the sticky droppings to seal the hole in the boat. You're on a film set. By opening the door, you interrupt a filmed sequence. As punishment, Jason halves you with his ax.

You can leave through the hidden door where the director was watching. Just don't forget to take the ax with you. You're an unwelcome guest again! This time, it's for the latest, exciting Madonna music video. Flying on a chain in front of the cameras will cause a sensation, and you'll become famous overnight.

Now you have to have a chat with the head of the film business, Abe Goldstein. You'll need the help of an agent. He'll demand a portfolio. The photographer discreetly suggests that you undergo plastic surgery for the lens. Visit the surgeon and choose the economy program. You'll get a plastic nose a la Pinocchio. Armed with the photos, you're almost ready to meet Abe. You just need to change clothes, preferably at the boutique. Look around and hide behind a clothes rack. Sexy Madonna will enter the store in a moment. You'll overhear many interesting things, including information about a fancy party coming up. All the more famous personalities will be there. Approach your friends. Madonna and Goldstein will start throwing meat at each other. You notice Goldstein's girls talking to Madonna. Now everything is clear - that chick is definitely plotting something.

The trail leads to the wax figure museum. Chop your way in with the ax. In the corner, you see figures of screen stars. Now you have the opportunity to fondle LaFonda with impunity, though after this pleasure, you'll have some wax left on your fingers. Take the torch. In its light, examine the Helmut figure. The poor guy was drowned in wax alive. Suddenly, ghostly girls attack you unnoticed. You end up on the deathbed. Here you'll learn about the horrifying secret of the wanted kidnapper.

In the following episodes, you'll see Abe Goldstein, agent Toni Leone, Dr. Nick, and finally the hideous face of Mad Wax!

Then there are only long years ahead of you at the museum exhibit, unless someone saves you. The torch melts the wax. Helmut frees himself. Take the torch and melt Conan's paws with it. Use the sword to cut Tarzan's loin cloth and scrape some wax off your pedestal. Make a cup out of the wax and pour in the acid dripping from Napoleon's head. Now use the sword to pry open the sarcophagus lid. Make a parachute out of Tarzan's shorts. When you descend, bite through the steel chains. Mad Wax will catch Helmut, and Les will face the vampire girls. Nothing affects them, not a handy crucifix, not a traveler's garlic, only the terrifying credit card freezes their blood.

Race to the bell tower. Enter through the hatch. Mad Wax can't be reasoned with. Try pulling the rope. Helmut will catch on and bite the finger trap with his diamond enamel. Put pieces of wax in your ears. Helmut will pull the rope, leaving a distracted Wax at the mercy of the raging chimes. Approach the gun. Wait until Helmut positions himself under the monster's foot. With such leverage, you push Mad Wax over the railing.

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