Alone in the Dar - Walkthrough

ALONE IN THE DARK is an animated adventure with numerous skill-based episodes. It is one of its kind. Perfectly crafted animation and music give ALONE IN THE DARK something that makes it playable without any goal in mind. You can endlessly watch as the character draws the bowstring or prepares to shoot. Additionally, accompanying sounds turn the game into a movie, with the possibility of deciding the fate of the protagonist. It's a game that makes you scared. Here, a creak of a door, a knock on a window, every unfamiliar sound makes you tremble. So, it's time to start the adventure.

Before starting the gameplay, it's worth practicing archery, pistol and musket shooting, and recalling a few basic karate moves. In the game, you can fight:

— hand-to-hand combat:

action + left/right = punch;

action + up/down = kick,

— melee weapons:

action + left/right = swing from the side;

action + up = overhead swing;

action + down = parry,

— shooting with a pistol, musket, bow:

action + left/right = aiming;

action + up = shoot;

action + down = retreat,

— running: double up.

In the game, you must uncover the reasons for the suicide of the castle owner — Jerremy Hartwood. The main goal is almost achieved right from the start. But what's the point when another goal appears immediately — to survive and escape to freedom.

The house consists of four levels, including the basement. The highest level — the attic — has one room, while the others consist of several or a dozen rooms. Most rooms are interconnected, but some doors can only be opened from one side at first.

In the game, you can choose a female or male character. The woman is Jerremy's niece and the man is a detective. It doesn't matter whom you choose. Both characters have the same skills, energy, and agility. Progress must always be made the same way — quickly, skillfully, and thoughtfully. Remember — senseless brawls never brought anyone happiness. Try to set up as many traps as possible. This will allow you to avoid fights with many monsters, thus saving time and energy. You also don't need to carry many items. They take up space and are completely useless.

You start at the very top, in the attic. If you don't want to fight two monsters, block the window with a wardrobe and the hatch with a crate. There's a lamp on the table. Take it, then take the musket from the crate, the blanket from the wardrobe, and head to the exit.

From the small room below, take the bow and the oil canister, which you'll use to fill the lamp. Exit through the door to the corridor. From the secretary in the room on the left, take the key. You'll use it to open the chest and take the sword. Now go to the right room. There's nothing to do here, so go left. Break the vase with the key that was in it and open the cabinet. There are two mirrors there, essential for defeating the staircase guards. Go out into the corridor and go straight. Take the medicine cabinet from the bathroom cabinet. Open it and drink the medicine. It will give you strength. Leave the bathroom and go left. Put the mirrors on the statuettes. Now you can safely go down the stairs.

Go to the right. From the room opposite, take the gramophone, matches, and bullets from the closet. Load the shotgun. Now go to the left side of the stairs. Enter the door in front of you and go right. From the bathroom (second door on the left), take the medicine cabinet from the cabinet. Open it and drink the medicine. Enter the dark room. Light the lamp and take the statuette. Leave the room and go to the end of the corridor. Cover the Indian painting with the blanket and return to the stairs. Throw the statuette at the knight and take the sword. Go downstairs.

Now go left and enter the door to the right. Take the arrows from the statue and run away. Enter the door on the left side of the room. Open the left door at the end of the corridor. Kill all the monsters in the dining room and return to the corridor. The door opposite leads to the kitchen. Enter both rooms. Take the oil canister (and pour it into the lamp) and the revolver from one, and cookies and a key from the other. Exit through the other door. Use the key to open the door to the basement and take the revolver bullets from there. Load it and go to the room with the Indian. Shoot the bow to hit the painting at the other end of the corridor. Go there and open the door. Take the book from the table. Move the clock and take the key from the hiding place. When you leave, go to the library. Place the lit lamp on the floor and go along the shelves to the left until you reach the corner. Put the book there and enter through the secret door. Take the talisman from the table and only the first dagger from the cabinet. Leave the room and kill the monster with the dagger. Pick up the lamp and return to the dining room. Open the small door, take the lighter, and quickly go right.

You can open the door with the key. Break the sword. Insert the blade and guard into the shield on the wall. A secret passage will open. However, don't go through it, just take the disc from the shelf and return to the room with the ashtray, then go straight. Take out the sword and open the door. Kill the pirate and take the key, which you'll use to open the door to the ballroom. Turn on the gramophone there, and when the couples start dancing, take the key from the mirror. Go back to the secret passage on the floor and go downstairs.

Run straight until you encounter a jumping monster. Kill it and keep running. On the next screen, turn around and run until you find a passage to the right. Go there and jump onto the gangway. Keep going straight until you encounter a spider. Kill it and keep going. Stop at the edge of the abyss and shoot the bird (you need to hit it twice). Cross to the other side by jumping on the columns and keep running, sticking to the right side. Cross the gangways to the other side of the water, open the chest, and take the glowing stone. Move the boulder and enter the tunnels. Keep going until you come across a door that will open under the stone's influence. Jump into the water and go to the altar. Take the hook from it, place the talisman, light it, and throw the lamp. When the fire starts, run to the door on the right, open it with the hook. From there, you'll easily reach the house. Once you're there, go outside through the main doors.

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