Mafia - Complete guide


The first mission will require skillful driving and terrain orientation from you. It's worth practicing in Free Ride mode beforehand. Your task is to shake off the thugs chasing you. It's not an easy task because the gangsters have a much better car. A good way is to slalom between the supports of the queue. In nine out of ten cases, the chase will crash into one of them. Then just drive straight ahead without paying attention to the rules. After losing the pursuit, go to Salieri's bar.


The mission starts quietly. You can leisurely drop off passengers at the specified locations. It's worth obeying traffic rules to avoid wasting time paying fines. After dropping off the fifth passenger in Little Italy, Tom will say he needs a break. After watching the movie, without hesitation, run straight ahead. Then turn right at the place marked with a green arrow. Run through the courtyard and street. Around the corner to the left, the arrow indicates another alley where you can take cover from bullets. Run there and then up the stairs to the left. At the first possible place, turn right, then left up the stairs, and down the stairs on the right. Run out of the alley, turn left, then left again into another alley. When you run out of it, you'll find yourself right in front of Salieri's bar.


Now you have the opportunity to get back at the thugs who attacked you. After watching the videos, drive to Morello's bar. Don't push through the gate, but go around the bar and stop at the entrance to a small alley at the back. Go in and open the gate. Sneak up quietly to the guard and get rid of him using a club. Smash the car closest to the gate. Bomb the next two cars with Molotov cocktails and quickly run away because you might die in the explosion! Return to Salieri's bar.


After learning the mission objectives, collect the weapon from Vincenzo (it's upstairs near the exit from the bar) and the car from Ralphie. For the first two places, just stop and wait for Paulie to collect the money. The third place is a motel outside the city. The situation complicates because the building is occupied by Morello's men. Paulie gets shot, and Sam gets trapped. You have to rescue him! Run to the back of the motel, shoot the dog, and climb up the crates to the floor. There's an enemy in the bathroom on the right. Get rid of him before he can shoot back. This will attract several more enemies from downstairs, whom you also have to eliminate. One of the rooms contains a Thompson rifle. Take it and go downstairs. If you're low on health, visit the room to the right of the stairs - there's a first aid kit there. Carefully peek around the corner - an enemy is hiding behind the couch. Another one is behind the bar. When you approach the door on the right, a bald guy with a knife will jump out. He's not a difficult opponent. Enter the room where Sam lies. It turns out the bald guy hasn't left this world yet, so you have to help him. But that's not the end of the troubles. After watching the video, get into the car and chase the guy who took your money. Patiently follow him. At some point, he'll stop and get out of the car. Then all you need to do is run him over.


Take the car from Ralphie and go to the location. To reach the track, drive through Works Quarter and onto the road leading out of town. Bobby is in the booth at the tunnel entrance. Talk to him, and he'll let you in. Wait for him to get into the car and drive with him to the garages. Bobby will show you the right car. Drive it to Lucas Bertone's workshop under Giuliano Bridge. Be careful not to damage the car! Always slow down before the turns, accelerate on straights. Don't worry about the cops part of the task - patrols are rare at this time. Once Lucas repairs the car, just drive it back. Return to Salieri's bar.


It turns out the competition eliminated our driver. That's why YOU have to participate in the race. Go to the track. Frank will tell you that you have no choice. After the start, avoid the car with the defect from the right side (if you do it from the left, you'll be pushed off the track). The most important thing is to avoid accelerating with the wheels turned. Always accelerate only after straightening the wheels — otherwise, you'll skid! If you're really having trouble, you can use a trick. After the first two turns, the road turns left. It's blocked, but you can bypass it. Drive it to the end, and when you re-enter the correct track, press the "reset car" key. You'll be moved just before the finish line. Finally, go to Lucas. He'll show you where you can steal a good car from. After doing the job, return to the bar.


You have to escort Luigi's daughter home. Problems will start after turning into a certain dark alley. Put on brass knuckles. The best tactic to get rid of pests is to load the power strip while retreating, then attack. After about four hits, the opponent will give up. After removing all of them, escort Sarah to her home.


Don't like it when scum attack people on his territory! You'll have the opportunity to get back at the gang that was bothering Sarah. Get a weapon from Vincenzo and go to the market in China Town. There's Biff, who will show you the whereabouts of the hooligans. Drive there and park your car in front of the entrance. Kick open the door and rush in. When attacking with a baseball bat, I recommend using a different tactic than in the previous mission - a series of quick but weak hits. Also, cover Paulie, who isn't the best companion. After eliminating the first thug, go into the alley where he stood. There are several more there. Under no circumstances use a pistol - then the gang leaders will escape. The guy around the corner will tell you that one of the gang bosses is the mayor's son! Go up the stairs and jump down on the other side of the wall. From now on, you're forced to use the Colt. Kill the guy in the cap and the two others who jump over the wall. Another one is to the left at the entrance to the alley and behind the barrels. The last two enemies are behind the wall corner - one on the roof. After eliminating them, run towards the car. You have to chase the gang leaders. Follow them - at some point, they'll stop. Just do the same right behind them.


After receiving instructions and weapons, go to the hotel in Downtown. The boss is in the restaurant to the left of the entrance. Don't eliminate him right away, it's better to deal with the guard first (in a black suit), who shoots very quickly and accurately. After eliminating him, don't rush out of the restaurant; wait until three guards come from around the corner and eliminate them from a distance. Also, kill the sailor. Take a shotgun from the dead guard, go to the reception, and take the key from the manager's room. Don't be fooled by the guy on the first floor covering his hand - he's a guard! After killing him, two more will come down - but they are an easy target for your shotgun. The prostitute is in one of the rooms on the second floor. After watching the video, go to the top floor to the director's office. First, take care of his guard, then mercilessly kill him. Plant the bomb and run out of the room. Climb up the ledge on the right and go up the stairs. Downstairs are cops, but it's better to escape them than to eliminate them. Go up to the top, then right through the door and jump to the next building. Eliminate the sniper cop on the roof of the next building with the Colt - more will come from below. Go down and get rid of them. Watch out for the guy hidden behind the wall to the left!! When you try to get to the next roof, snipers will appear at the top. Get rid of them with the Colt. Run to the end of the roof and jump onto the scaffold. After collecting all the weapons, approach the ladder. You'll find yourself in a church. The first aid kit restores your energy to 100, so don't use it if you still have a lot of health points. Go downstairs. Use the shotgun to kill the guy by the door, and the Colt to get rid of the one between the benches. Then run to the left and hide behind the wooden structure. On the right, there are two enemies: one on the pulpit and one under it. On the left, you'll see a guy hidden behind the confessional. Also, watch out for the gangster with the Thompson by the organ at the church entrance. After eliminating them all, reinforcements will arrive in the form of four guys with shotguns. After leaving the building, get into the hearse. Don't even try to lose the pursuing cop cars — your car is too slow. It's best to stop and eliminate the cops with your weapon, then steal their car. Then just wait in a secluded spot until the cops stop being interested in you.


Go to the meeting place. At the farm, something is wrong. Run through the entire farm and stop at the truck. It's a trap! Kill two guys near the truck and one behind it. Now you can choose how to finish the mission. You can blindly run back to where you started and eliminate enemies later with Paulie, or take care of the enemies yourself without relying on Paulie. I personally recommend the latter solution because Paulie, like in the Chinatown mission, isn't very good with weapons, and besides, running will cost you at least half of your energy. There are several enemies in the barn - two upstairs. Always go up the stairs backwards to avoid a fatal shot in the back. After eliminating all the bandits from the barn, go back. On the way, check out two cottages — there are two enemies in each. Talk to Paulie — he'll say we need to save Sam. Run with him to the barn so Paulie can take a crowbar. Follow him to the only building you haven't been in. When Paulie breaks down the door, kill two guys hiding behind the wagon. Go up the stairs (backwards!) and eliminate the last gangster hiding behind the crates. Go upstairs, and you'll find a wounded Sam. Run downstairs because the police will arrive at the scene. Hide behind the door and wait for them to enter the building — they're an easy target for your shotgun then. The last cop will stay outside. Go out and deal with him. Finally, you have to eliminate the pursuit in the form of three Morello cars. They'll arrive one after the other, so there won't be much trouble with that. Concentrate your fire on the driver, don't worry about the shooter. After watching the video, before returning to the bar, you can complete a mission for Lucas. Just drive to the designated house in time and knock on the door. After doing this, go back to Lucas — he'll show you how to steal a cool car. Go to the designated place and take the car. Return to the bar.


You have to kill Frank, the family's accountant so far. First, go to Biff in Chinatown — he won't know where Frank is. Then go to the Giuliano Bridge. Hit the bald guy a few times, and he'll tell you everything he knows. Unfortunately, it's not much. The man standing in front of the gallery in Central Island has more information. After talking to him, go to the designated place in Oakwood and follow the car that will leave. It's very fast, but the driver is not very skilled and hits other cars on almost every turn. The car is heading for the airport. After arriving at the destination, enter the building where Frank is hiding. First, kill the guy behind the column opposite the entrance, then the receptionist, and finally, two gangsters on the left. Take a Thompson from one of them. Go outside — you'll see Frank escorted by several agents running into the hangar. Don't run after them, but go around the hangar. There are still two agents hiding under the sniper tower. Run to the parking lot (opposite the tower), kill the only guard there, and keep an eye on the hangar. After a while, the agents will come out. Eliminate them one by one from a distance. When Frank arrives at the parking lot, approach him. His family is in the building opposite the tower, guarded by two agents. After entering, kill the guy in the phone booth, otherwise, at the end of the mission, cops will show up! Approach the woman near the booth - she's Frank's wife. You still need to get tickets for the family. They're on the counter at the reception. Bring them to Frank. He'll tell you where he hid the savings booklets. Get into the car and drive to Downtown, to the First National Bank. You can also do a mission for Lucas. The guy who got on Lucas's bad side is in Little Italy. Before you start beating him up, make sure there are no cops nearby. Just like in the "Sarah" mission, it's better to hit rarely but hard. After a few hits, Stan will run away. Return to Bertone, and he'll show you where to "borrow" a car from. After completing the job, return to the bar.


Drive to Salvatore's in Hoboken, then proceed to the villa. Salvatore will open the back entrance for you. Hide behind the hedge on the left side. After a moment, a guard will appear and stop to light up. Use the stick to take care of him. Run towards where he came from and turn off the light. A guard will come from the back entrance to check. Turn right and when the guard moves away, run up the stairs. Enter inside. Watch out for the maid! If she spots you, she'll raise the alarm, and then you have no chance.

Run through the door opposite the entrance and quickly run up the stairs. Turn left and open the white door - it's the office. Approach the safe. When Salvatore opens it, run out of the room straight ahead and downstairs. Wait until the maid comes out of the kitchen. Run out of the building. Make Salvatore open the car. When he does, cover him from the attacks of the bodyguards. Leave the villa and drive Salvatore back to where you picked him up. Return to the bar.


Upon arriving at the parking lot, go to the top level. When Paulie is finalizing the transaction, Morello's men will show up. Once you've dealt with all the occupants of the first cars, another one will appear. Take care of its crew as well. Go down the ramp. Two more gangsters are waiting behind the fence. Another one is behind the car at the end of the level on the left side. Kill him and take the grenades. Eliminate several more enemies on the first level and descend (via the ramp) further down. Throw two grenades between the cars blocking the passage. You'll get rid of some enemies in the process. Go back to the first level, descend the stairs halfway, and throw another grenade towards the car. Quickly step back - the car will explode. Finish off those who survived and return upstairs for the truck. Leave the parking lot. You need to hurry because you're being pursued. Get to the warehouse in Hoboken as fast as you can. If you haven't lost the pursuers, wait until the car arrives and kill its crew.


Go with the boss to the designated restaurant. After a while, you'll be attacked by Morello's men. Run to the back of the restaurant, peek around the corner, and kill the guy with the Thompson. Take his weapon and go back to the back. After a moment, doors will open, and gangsters will rush out. Get rid of them with the Thompson. Then go in front of the restaurant and kill the remaining enemies. Some may still be inside the building. The boss suspects that the person responsible for what happened is his former bodyguard. Go to his apartment and enter. Jump out after him and go downstairs. Carlo is easy to recognize because he's only wearing boxers and an undershirt. When you kill him, three more will appear. However, they're not much of a challenge.


Go to the location. It turns out the boss forgot about one thing: the invitation. Enter the open doors opposite the ship, go down the stairs, and turn left. Disguise yourself as a sailor. You'll be allowed onto the ship. The toilet with the gun is on the middle deck. However, it's locked, and one of the sailors has the key. Find him - he usually hangs around the lower deck. You'll have to clean the toilet. Take the bucket from the lower deck toilet and enter the one you're interested in. Clean up and take the gun. Dispose of the bucket and wander around the ship. After a while, the mayor will begin his speech. Position yourself in the front row, kneel, and pull out the gun. The politician won't run, which will be his downfall. Once he falls, without hesitation, rush downstairs and get into the boat where Paulie is waiting.


This is one of the longest and most challenging missions in the game. First, drive to the aforementioned restaurant. Get out of the car and enter the phone booth. When Paulie finishes his job, get in the car and head straight back to the bar. Usually, the pursuit ends in the tunnel. Another attempt to kill Morello's brother is by planting a bomb in his car. Go to the designated location, wait for the gangster outside to light a cigarette, and plant the bomb. Unfortunately, luck won't be on your side this time either. Another murder attempt will take place in the parking lot in front of one of the restaurants. Just drive there and wait until Paulie gets back into the car. Escape, weaving through the lampposts. The boss will get annoyed with you and assign the task to someone else. You just have to watch. It turns out that the "others" can't do the job properly either. Follow Morello's car to the port in Works Quarter. When you regain control of the character, kneel behind the car and wait for the guy who will appear on your right. There's a guy with a Thompson behind the car, and there's a gangster with a shotgun behind the hedge. After a while, another one with a shotgun will appear. After neutralizing them, run straight ahead - two trucks will come out of the side streets. Get rid of their crews and move on. There are gangsters in the window of the building on the right and at the bottom, between the containers. Among the containers, there's a port worker who's brave enough to shoot. Teach him a lesson. Go through the corridor between the containers and eliminate the first sniper (he's on the red crane). Slightly peek out from behind the container and take care of the second one on the next tower. After a while, a window will open on the right side - kill the man who starts shooting through it. Go to the warehouse opposite the entrance and kill the three gangsters who come out of it.

Get into one of the trucks and drive along the wall until you see the building and guards. Take care of them from a distance. Ignoring the snipers, turn right and enter the building on the left.

Sneak up quietly on the sniper standing with his back to you and take his shotgun. Eliminate the sniper downstairs by the containers and the two on the towers. Also, kill another gangster between the containers. Go back for the truck and park near the containers. Set the switches so that the wagon hits the warehouse next to Morello's car. Remove the block from under the wheels and enjoy the effect.

Enter the building - gangsters will come out from all sides at once. You'll need to shoot quickly and accurately. After finishing them off, go deep into the warehouse, using the crates on the right side for cover. Morello is at the very end of the building. Shoot him. There's a first aid kit in the room at the end of the building. Run out of the warehouse and get into the truck. Without paying attention to the enemies, drive to the exit and ram your own car. Leave the port.

If you want to make your escape easier, after getting into the truck, you can go through the gate and turn right. Go straight ahead, ignoring the enemies, until you reach the parking lot with a fence. Get out of the truck and run to the gate. Quickly open it and drive away in the car.


Drive to the theater where Morello is supposed to be. It turns out the show ended early, and Morello has already gotten into his car. Follow him. He has a very fast car, but the driver doesn't know how to handle it. Morello will drive out of town, past the motel you visited in the fourth mission, and straight up the hill. Don't overdo it with speed on sharp turns — you might end up in a dangerous skid. When you reach the bridge construction site, a cutscene will play. After it ends, drive your comrades back to the bar, and head to Lucas to complete the mission. Losing the cops doesn't make sense — when the "Wanted!" meter drops to zero, it will reload shortly after. It's best to just shoot the cops. Drive to the area near the lamppost (you can get there by going down the road between Oakwood and Oak Hill) and park at the edge of the cliff. Return to the road and steal any car to push the black car into the water. The car — your reward — will be at the restaurant in New Ark. As you approach it, the owner will come out of the building — kill him. Return to Salieri's bar.


Drive to the prison and enter through the sewer, ignoring the worker. Enter the building and go upstairs. You can't complete this mission quietly, so you'll have to eliminate all the guards. If you find a crowbar, be sure to take it — it will come in handy at the end of the mission. Go along the only possible path, eliminating everything that moves. When you reach the stairs, go all the way up. Open the door and go outside. The target is in the park on the island straight ahead of the exit. He's standing by the lectern. Try to eliminate him in no more than two shots. Run down to the bottom because you can't return outside the way you entered the prison. When you exit the building, quickly eliminate all the dogs in the yard. Approach the door and break the lock with the crowbar. Outside, there will already be two agents whom you need to shoot to prevent them from causing trouble as a pursuit. If you want, go to Bertone's. Quickly drive to the designated location in Works Quarter — you don't have much time. The man you need to rescue is dressed in a black suit and pants. Get out of the car and talk to him, and he'll get into your car. Drive him to Lucas. The car is parked near one of the villas in Oak Hill. Don't worry about the people around it — they won't be able to do anything. Steal the car and return to the bar.


Go with Paulie and Sam to the meeting place. Sam will stay there, and you and Paulie will go to the port. Wait until the truck leaves the port and block its path anywhere along the route. Throw the driver out of the vehicle and start beating him up to get the papers from him. If that doesn't work, shoot him. To be allowed into the port, you must first unload the truck. The crates you need to steal are in the warehouse opposite the entrance. Approach from the right side and park the truck parallel to the platform. The crates are guarded. Don't kill the guard, as you won't stand a chance against the facility's security. Just hang around the warehouse for a moment, and the guy guarding the entrance will order you to move some crates to the proper warehouse before leaving. Take advantage of this opportunity to load all the crates with the goods you're interested in onto the truck. He'll probably notice you, so quickly get into the vehicle and drive towards the port exit. Your deception will be revealed at the exit. Drive as fast as you can to the meeting place with Paulie and Sam. Only stop there and help your buddies eliminate the pursuit. Then drive to a familiar warehouse in Hoboken. Your boss's deception will be revealed there.


Go with Paulie to the railway station. Get off at the Downtown stop and enter the First National Bank, your target. It's the same bank from which you used to pick up Frank's savings books. After surveying the bank, go to Yellow Pete's. To do this, get on the train, go to the Central Hoboken station, go downstairs, and head back the way you came. When you pass between the buildings, turn left and head straight. Yellow Pete's shop is near the old cinema building, with the entrance from the parking lot. Equip yourself with a Thompson and possibly a Colt. To get a fast car, go to Bertone's. Deliver the package to Dick. It turns out you were tailed. Quickly get rid of the three gangsters. Return to Bertone's, and he'll show you how to get the reward. Go to Oakwood and block the aforementioned car's path. Throw the owner out and drive away. Drive to Paulie's house and honk. After a moment, a gangster will come down. Drive with him to the bank. Inside, shoot the guard who will come out of the wooden doors in the cash hall, and then run into them yourself. Take the key from one of the cash desks. Then run upstairs, shoot the guard, and enter the director's office on the left side. He'll tell you that the safe key is in the closet — take it. As you leave the room, shoot another guard and run downstairs. Open the door opposite the stairs and head straight. There will be two more guards by the safe — get rid of them. Take the money and return to Paulie. Get in the car and step on it! Drive to the designated warehouse. With the car you have, you'll easily lose the police. When you reach the warehouse, you'll finish the mission.


After the gruesome discovery, run outside ignoring the cops on the stairs. Steal one of the cars in front of the house. Whether you want to do the mission for Lucas or not, visit Yellow Pete's and equip yourself with a Thompson and a Colt. In the mission for Bertone, you're supposed to tail a woman who will leave the Corleone hotel. Don't follow her or drive slowly, as she'll notice she's being followed. First, park opposite the hotel and wait for the woman to come out. Remember what she looks like and turn into the alley she'll enter. Drive to the end of the alley and park on the sidewalk by the church perpendicular to the alley. Without moving, observe the woman passing through the park and just before your car's hood! Drive straight and turn right. Stop on the left side of the sidewalk. When the woman enters the building on the corner, return to Bertone's. The car — your reward — is in Chinatown. When you reach the location, shoot the lock and kill all the dogs. Steal the car and drive to the gallery. When you regain control of the character, shoot two enemies at the door and hide in the room behind you. Two more enemies will come down the stairs, and another one will be on the stairs on the left side. Go there, where there were two gangsters, and turn left. Shoot two more enemies in the next room. On the other side of the hall is a man with a Thompson — wait a moment, and he'll come to you. Lean out from behind the column and shoot everyone who comes down the stairs. When you approach their bodies, grenades will fall from above — quickly hide behind the wall! After the explosion, shoot the next enemies who come down, then run up the stairs. After watching the cutscene, quickly run down. Shoot the man with the shotgun at the top and the one with the Thompson who will appear on the left side. Go up the stairs and turn left, hiding behind the wall. At the right moment, lean out and shoot two gangsters. Another four are in the round room on your right. Run to the other side of the level. When you reach the stairs, grenades will fall from above — retreat! When they explode, go upstairs, shoot the one responsible for throwing them, and take a few grenades from him. If you have less than 50 energy, it would be a good idea to use a medkit. Return to the round room and open one of the doors. Throw a grenade inside, then run in and finish off those who are still alive. Clear the next rooms of enemies, paying special attention to those hiding behind sofas and those with Thompsons. At some point, Sam will appear. Run after him to where the gangster with grenades was and through the open door. Run straight ahead. You don't stand a chance against Sam in direct combat — he shoots too fast and accurately. You'll have to resort to trickery. After regaining control of Tom, run to the left towards the exit. Run past the door and cautiously peek around the corner, and you'll see Sam. Shoot at him with the rifle — at some point, he'll flee. Run to where he was standing and circle the room around, you'll see bloodstains. Follow them towards the exit. At some point, Sam will emerge from around the corner. It only takes a few shots to finish him off.

Congratulations, you've just completed the game!

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