DREAMWEB - How to Complete the Game

DREAMWEB - How to Complete the Game

You just woke up. You're sitting groggily on the bed in your girlfriend Eden's house. Pick up the wallet from the desk and move to the next room. From the microwave, take a tiny key. Next to it, you'll find a button that opens the elevator doors. Go down.

In the garage, pick up a screwdriver, and after exiting onto the street, head to your apartment. To open the door, you'll need to use the digital lock and enter the correct code [5106].

Inside, pick up the cartridge labeled "Important" and insert it into the appropriate slot. After that, start the Net Work Screen and enter the following commands: LOGON RYAN, PASSWORD: BLACK DRAGON, LIST, CARTRIDGE READ PRIVATE, EXIT.

Now pick up a knife from the bed and a mug from the cabinet. Then head to the bar.

Talk to the bartender, then insert your cash card into the card scanner. After that, exchange a few words with the guy sitting at the bar and go to Luis.

You'll be robbed of your shoes in front of his house. Enter using the digital lock on the door [5238]. Go to the bathroom and talk to Luis. Pick up a pair of shoes lying on the floor and put them on. In the room, you should find a small item [UNIT], inside of which there will be a card. Now head to the billiards room.

To enter, you'll need to insert the card you found at Luis's into the reader. Go left until you reach small doors at the end of the hallway. Open them [5222] and talk to the boss sitting there. Now all you have to do is pay him by inserting the CashCard into the Card Scanner, and the gun is yours. Armed with it, head to the hotel.

After talking to the receptionist, pay her and collect the key card, which you'll use in the elevator. On the floor, exit the elevator. On the left side, you'll find a fire point, and in it, an axe.

Upon returning to the elevator, use the knife to open the control panel and cut the green wire that protrudes from it. In the back of the elevator will be a lever — push it so you can access the roof.

Insert the axe into the locked gate and proceed. There, use the axe on one, and after a while, use the gun on the other thug. After a successful action, find the main boss, whom you'll find in a rather strange situation. Finish him off with a precise shot and transfer to Dreamweb. There, you'll receive further guidance from the monk.

Going down the tunnel, turn right. Place your hands on the stone doors and move to the next location. There, on a stone slab, you'll find a hole where you'll insert the key found in the microwave. You'll be transported to the city.

Go to your home and turn on the Net Work, where you'll enter: LIST, LIST NEWSNET, READ TVSPECIAL, EXIT.

Go to channel 6 studio. You won't be able to enter due to a truck blocking the entrance. So, go around the building and kill the guy sitting in the guardhouse. Reach through the broken window and use the control panel. Bypass the barrier and enter the building.

Retrieve a passcard from under the newspaper. Go left. Downstairs, you'll find a door, which you'll open with the passcard you found earlier.

Inside, use a screwdriver to open the fuse box and take out the fuse. Leave the room and find the ladder leading to the floor above. There, remove the red fuse from the winch control console and insert the one you found earlier. Now all you have to do is use the console. Back in Dreamweb, talk to the monk again and go down the corridor. There, take a crystal and find the appropriate door to return to reality.

Visit your girlfriend [2865] and in the bedroom, turn on the handheld computer [ORGANISER] under her blouse. Press the "P" key several times to scroll through the pages.

Go to Sartain Industries [7833]. Inside, go to the elevator, smashing the computer along the way. On the floor, use the crystal to disintegrate both men. Pick up the briefcase and take out the documents. Quickly run up the stairs to the roof and shoot down the fleeing jet. You'll be teleported.

Return to the normal world. You find yourself in the parking lot. Take wire cutters from the truck and familiarize yourself with the acquired documents. Go to Chapel House. Climb over the low wall and in the rubble, find a blue cartridge. While in your apartment, review its contents using the Net Work: LOGON BECKETT, PASSWORD: SEPTIMUS, LIST CARTRIDGE, READ BRIEF, EXIT.

Go to the old church [RUINED CHURCH] and use the wire cutters to cut the gate. Now go to the Boat House. Break off the railing and fill the mug with water from the pipe. Find the junction box hidden halfway in the sand and open it with the broken railing. Pour water over the electronics, causing a short circuit, and you'll be able to enter the house through the window. Once inside, exchange a few words with the massacred woman and without hesitation, shoot her in the head. Leave Dreamweb for the last time and go to the church.

Inside, next to the skeleton, you'll find a hand. Remove the candlesticks and the cloth from the altar, under which you'll find a recess where the hand should be placed. Move the stone altar and jump into the hole that appears. From the jar, extract a crystal and move the tombstone. There, you should find diamonds, a dagger, and a stone. Arrange the diamonds on the central slab of the floor, opening a hidden passage. Reach the monument and play with the puzzle. At the bottom should be a semicircle cut once, and at the top three. Press the crystal. Now look for stones, there should be eight of them (one of them is in the room). Put them in the minecart, and push it as hard as you can.

Enter the newly created passage and turn left. In the hall, besides the giant hole, there's also a small one where you'll throw your body. You're in the subway tunnel. Go up until you reach a room hidden in the left wall. Chat for a moment with the person there, and when they attack you, immediately jump outside with the knife. After that, events will unfold at a surprising pace.


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