INCA II - How to complete the game

  • Get rid of the guard by throwing a stone towards him and hiding behind the fence, then drop the beam mounted above the gate onto his head.
  • In the cabin, turn on the control screen. Extract the bottle from the crate opened with a crowbar. Pour the contents into the tank, then start the engines.
  • Next to the locomotive, use the oil can and crowbar to move the lever. Inside, unlock the pin with the crowbar and start the locomotive.
  • In the cave, cut the rope blocking access to the drawer with a razor blade. Clean the key in the sand and use it to unlock the lock. Remove rust from the safe with mercury. Set the found code.
  • On the planet Annobon, sifting through the sand with a leaf, you'll find traces.
  • In the forest nook, extract a pearl from the shell smashed on a stone. Squeeze the fresh mussel into the monkey's mouth and then touch the jadeite-shining egg with the pearl in the nest.
  • Implant the pearl and egg into the crocodile's eye sockets.
  • Place both scepters and the split gourd fruit on the pillars and above the cave entrance.
  • In the Valley of Three Dreams, climb the cliff. Attach the rope to the root, drive a stake into the rock, and remove small stones to use the primitive elevator.
  • Pray (2, 4, 7).
  • Attach the chain to the recess, and chisel out a disc made of melted mineral. Place branches on the snow, attach the strap and disc. Give the conch to Lama, then after a while move the old man by striking the gong.
  • In the icy chamber, knock down stalactites, which, melting in the sun, will fill the flask. Pour water into the vase.
  • On the asteroid, cut off the guard's necklace. Barricade the hole with a crowbar and embed appropriate figures into the crevices. Examine the entrance to the interior. Place the hammer on the shelf, then return to the room with the key sign and press all the buttons. Transfer the figurines to the second plate and place them there. The way to the heart of the asteroid will be clear.

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