Amazon: Guardians of Eden - Walkthrough

The day starts off quite ordinary. You drive up to the Institute of Scientific Research (IBN) in your old Ford. Enter the building and talk to the secretary, and you'll find out that you're expected by the boss himself. His office is at the end of the corridor. The boss expresses his condolences for the disappearance of his brother. During a scientific expedition in the jungle, his camp was attacked, and the participants massacred by one of the native tribes. Unofficially, it's said that Sanchez, the local police dictator, also had a hand in it to prevent the discovery of inconvenient truths. Allen's body was not found, but the chances of his survival are minimal. After hearing this shocking news, you head back home. You find a letter from Allen...

The package is tied with a strong rope; you'll need to cut it with a knife from the cabinet to retrieve the key inside. Your brother asks you in the letter to retrieve certain materials from the IBN safe. He also leaves a coded message. Go to the institute and enter your laboratory. Take ethanol from the bottom cabinet. Open the cage and extract a rat. Go out into the corridor and release the rodent under the secretary's desk. Approach the unattended closet and take out two keys. Enter Allen's laboratory. Open the book and read how to make a love potion. Also, check Allen's diary. Take the film roll from the desk and mount it in the projector. Lower the screen and play the film. Open the cabinet and take out the tape reel. There's a dartboard on the wall. Move it to find the safe. Pry out the misplaced dart stuck in the wall. Latin American tribal weapons are hung on the wall; you'll need a blowgun. Open the showcase and take out the extract from the jungle. Go to the car, on the way, open the secretary's car trunk and take out metal scissors and a crowbar.

Chaos reigns at home. Under the armchair, you'll find a decoder that allows you to read the rest of your brother's letter. Listen to the tape; it contains the combination to Allen's safe, which you'll jot down on a piece of paper. Use it in the laboratory, and you'll obtain some cash. Combine alcohol with the extract and place the flask on the burner until it boils. Dip the arrow into the obtained love elixir and insert it into the blowgun. Armed as such, go to the forbidden part of the institute. Climb a tree and shoot the aphrodisiac at the guard. He'll then take his partner aside, giving you access to the safe. Use the metal scissors to cut the lid off the secretary's trash can, so the teddy bear doesn't go looking for more food and doesn't scare the couple in love. In the abandoned clothing, you'll find the key to the gates.

HEAVYMETAL MONSTER is a robot named BOB guarding the interior. He's stupid enough that if you return and dress in the trash can, he'll mistake you for the changing guard. Pull the lever. You'll gain access to Allen's archive by using the crowbar; take a compass, a map, and a microfilm. Take a hanger from the cloakroom and open the door of the old lady's car. Turn on the lights and go back to inform her. During her absence, you can calmly watch the microfilm. Get into the car and head to the airport.

After a long flight, you'll land at the airport. Open the truck door — cigarettes will fall out of it. Also, take a small, red canister. A bicycle stands by the control tower; you'll need a pump. Bribe the official in the building; he'll then give you a club membership card. Enter the "Under the Green Monkey" pub and give the card to the bartender. One of the pilots is transporting goods to Rio Blanco and will take you for 150 greenbacks. During the flight, it turns out the pilot is working for Sanchez. He aims his gun at you and orders you to jump out of the plane.

Wait until the would-be killer gets impatient and release the chickens. The pilot will lose balance and fall out. Unfortunately, with an instinctive shot, he damaged the cockpit door mechanism. Pick up the parachute from the floor. It's too small to hold you, but it will help you open the door. Attach it and throw the canopy outside, then you'll be able to enter the cockpit. The plane is losing altitude quickly. Pull the lever, extend the flaps, and reduce engine power; perhaps you'll manage to make a water landing. Move the crate, open the box, and take out the pontoon. Inflate it quickly and throw it into the water. You'll reach land and eventually reach a settlement.

A man sits under the hotel sign, greeting you with "Get out of here!" Next to the jetty is a stick, also take a pepper from the cart and go to the canteen. When the innkeeper turns to wash the dishes, take a knife from the bar. Chop the pepper into small pieces and discreetly add it to El Loco's meal. Go outside; the man won't guard the entrance to the hotel, only put out the fire in the nearby fire pit. Return to the canteen and discreetly take cheese, nuts, and a lighter from the tables. Go to the hotel. Lift the rat trap, place cheese on it, and put it back near the stairs. Once you catch the rat, you can safely take out the stuffed wallet from the nest. Lift the phone receiver, insert a coin, and dial the number provided by your brother. According to the instructions, wait until the phone rings three times and then hang up.

Go to the canteen for a meeting with your contact. After a moment, a stunning blonde will enter. To gain her trust, you'll have to answer a few questions and prove that you're indeed Allen's brother (he won an award in 1952, your siblings are three sisters and one brother, Allen's favorite movie is titled Wild Women of Kongo). Maya will agree to meet you on the jetty. Go outside and approach the vendor. Get a machete, a paddle, extra ammunition, a poisonous root, and a fishing net from him. Outside the hotel, El Loco is venting his anger on the boy who brings him meals. Feeling responsible, you decide to help him somehow. Take a ladder from under the canteen and set it up against the hotel wall. Climb up and knock the heavy signboard off the oppressor's head with the stick. In gratitude, the boy will give you a golden nugget. Now you can get into the canoe. Maya will lead you to Allen, and together you'll set out. Along the way, you'll fall into Sanchez's ambush.

Allen will start covering you with fire. You need to help him quickly. Move the metal shield between the trees and prop it up with a log to prevent the wind from blowing it away. Give your brother spare ammunition. Maya will take a vine and fix the bridge. You'll reach the first target with Maya. There's a boat available for rent here. Offer the captain cigarettes and gold, and he'll agree to take you further. During the journey, you'll be terrorized and thrown overboard, while Maya is captured. You manage to reach the shore and track the boat from land.

First, throw the poisonous root into the water to scare away the piranhas. When the guard moves to the other side, take the reeds and enter the water at the right spot, so the current pushes you under the ladder of the boat. On board, take the fishing rod and, avoiding the guard, look through the window into the captain's cabin. Use the rod to retrieve the keys. Head to the second room where Maya is being held captive. The captain will wake up and follow you. Barricade the door with a bar. Take a bottle from the shelf, a cloth, and make a Molotov cocktail. Open the window and throw the lit cocktail outside under the boxes of gunpowder. Open the door and jump outside.

You'll reach a village. The natives will mistake you for gods, but the shaman will demand proof of your powers. Use a fishing net to catch the fish-filled crate from the wrecked boat and throw fireworks into the bonfire. Now the shaman will ask you to heal a sick boy. Move the stone, take a worm, put the bait on the fishing rod, and catch a fish. Now, as Maya, cross the bridge and pick an exotic flower. Approach the large bowl and put the fish, flower, and pour the contents of the canister into it. Then move the bowl over the fire. Take a ladle and give the medicine to the boy. The shaman will thank you and give you a hint on how to proceed (right, left, left, right).

When you finally reach your destination, you'll find researcher Hans Stroheim. His help is essential, so after a diplomatic conversation, offer him Allen's map and compass. The scientist will demand finding a certain jewel before revealing important information and will point out the likely hiding place on the map. Take a board and place it on a rock. Maya will stand on one end; you'll jump from a high stump to the other. The girl will be catapulted upwards. She must now climb and use the vine. Guide Maya to the cart, you pull the rope.

Inside the hut, take the silver key from the deceased's neck and open the chest with it. You'll find a manuscript by the Spaniard Vasquez regarding the jewel. Cut the vines with a machete, revealing his remains. Again, use the machete to pry open the armor and extract the precious stone from the chest cavity. Give the jewel to Hans, and in return, you'll receive directions on how to sail to the site of the scientific camp massacre (right, left, left, right).

Take the Geiger counter from the crate and the tent canister, fill the tank. Take the keys from one of the corpses' hands. Pull the cable from the car winch to the heavy log. Find a chain and use it to wrap around the log, then attach it to the cable. Push the lever. Pull the hidden compartment from the chest and retrieve the explosive materials. Use the Geiger counter on the bush near the jeep and extract the overlooked arrowhead from the tree. Leave this place.

You'll reach a waterfall. In the morning, Sanchez will surprise you during a bath. Maya will be shot, and while trying to save her, you'll inadvertently swim to the other side of the waterfall. Pull the branch to uncover a secret passage and insert the arrowhead into the slot. After entering the tunnel, stick to the right side of the corridor, and upon reaching a pillar, ignite the explosive materials.

You need to act quickly. Take the shoelaces from the shoes of one of the previous victims, extract the spear from the skeleton. Combine these items with the knife, and you'll have a weapon. Move the turtle shell against the wall and reach for the torch, temporarily scaring away the ant. Cut the flower stem with the blade, its juice will attract the ants. The torch will go out, and the monster will start approaching. The juice will absorb him for a moment, and when he exposes his abdomen, stab him with the spear.

The Amazonians will escort you out of the temple, from which Maya will emerge. She'll tell how the warrior women pulled her out of the water and used a magical elixir to stop her life from slipping away. The price she had to pay for this miracle is the inability to cross the secret passage, the border with the outside world. Maya will give Jason a choice: unimaginable wealth in the human world, or voluntary spending the rest of his life with her among the Amazons. Our fearless hero will, of course, make the right decision and will be allowed to watch the game's animated ending together.

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