PEPPER’S Adventures in Time - Complete walkthrough

After each act, there will be a quiz. You need to answer 5 questions by selecting one out of four options. The answers can be obtained by closely observing the events and characters appearing in each act. For the lazy ones, ready answers are provided below the description of each act.


You start in front of your house. Turn on the faucet, pick up the gum, and give it to the dog. It will chew it and spit it out, but softened. Take it, along with a piece of gutter, and attach one to the other. Secure the constructed addition to the hanging roof pipe. Try climbing on this "ladder," and accidentally eavesdrop on your parents' conversation. When they finish, tend to the neighbor's flowers, and when she leans out of her window, talk to her. Try climbing the gutter again, but this time Lockjaw will interrupt you, wanting to join. You'll need a leash. Bury Lockjaw around the poor flowers, and you'll find a leash. Pick it up and put it on the dog. With Lockjaw hooked, pull him up to the roof. Get under the window, wipe it with your hand, and see what's inside. It's Dr. Fred's laboratory. After a short chat, Lockjaw will fall into the machine. You have no choice—jump in after him. You'll both end up in Philadelphia in 1764. Everything is mixed up here, so try to fix it.

Talk to the man waiting for the guillotine several times. Give him water from the bucket (using the ladle), then free him. Shortly, a guard will catch you and throw you into jail. Pick up the hammer from the crate and use it to remove the nail from the window frame. Now, take off the cloth from the box and nail it to the window. Move the crate on which the hammer was lying. After such an effort, you deserve a nap. But Lockjaw doesn't sleep. Under the crate, there's no floor, just bare earth. So dig a tunnel, and Pepper will wake up. Before jumping into the dug hole, pick some herbs. Behind the wall, take a couple of stones and a bone. Now throw the bone at the clothes. Take them, then change your and Lockjaw's outfit. Go out on the street. The silly guard can be fooled, but Lockjaw will see a cat, run after it, and get caught by Imie Pugh. Pepper shouldn't watch, just hide back in the alley.

Quiz Answers: 1c, 2b, 3d, 4a, 5c.


Start by talking to every individual in Philadelphia. Ask about all the characters. In the shop on the right side of the alley, try to take the jar, and you'll find out that to get it, you need to bring a recipe for chocolates. Now go to the post office. On the left side, there's a package lying. When you try to take it, you'll receive a quick test. It consists of three sentences from the following set. You just need to answer whether the sentence is true or false.

Here are the questions:

— Leather Apron Club... FALSE

— Was Ben boru on... TRUE

— Ben really loved... FALSE

— Silence Dogood... FALSE

— Ben met Deborah... FALSE

— Was Ben oldest child... FALSE

— King of Fran-ce... TRUE

— Ben ran away to... TRUE

— Is Ben plan-mg.. TRUE

If you provide the correct answers, you'll receive the package.

Under the tree, next to the quarreling lovers, there's a satchel. Take it and open it. The content will surely please the gambler sitting in front of the post office. So, exchange the dice for a coin. With the coin, bribe the guards and enter Franklin territory. At this point, the game action shifts to Lockjaw.

When Ima leaves the room, bite everything in sight: a pillow, a bookshelf, a mannequin, and especially the valet. He, fearing further bites, will reveal a secret passage. To enter it, you need to peck the clock once more.

You're in a secret corridor now. On the right side, you see a small mouse hole, enlarge it using your teeth. Now, run to the fireplace and eavesdrop on General Pugh's conversation with his nefarious advisor. After this somewhat lengthy conversation, you'll once again embody little Pepper.

Knock on the door and show Mrs. Franklin the package. She'll allow you to open it, so do it immediately. Inside, there's a book about electricity, which Ben ordered when he was still normal. Knock and show the book, and this time, Deborah Franklin will allow you to talk to Ben.

Quiz Answers: 1d, 2b, 3b, 4d, 5c.


Start by taking a tomato and the metal rod lying next to the cabbage. Open and read the book from the package. Now, talk to Ben—he'll give you a wire. In the room next door, take the experiment plan and the cork with a magnet. Deliver the plan to Ben. He'll promise to conduct the experiment if you pour him warm water into the bathtub.

It's best to heat the water over the fire, which needs to be lit first. The matches are by the fireplace, but you can't take them, as Sally will tell you. You can use them only in case of danger. Smash the tomato on yourself, and Sally will quickly light the fire, causing the water to flow into Ben's bathtub. Now he'll agree to conduct the experiment, but first, you need to get everything you need. You can submit the experiment project immediately. Return to the city for the rest. When you stand in front of the door, Uncle Fred will go berserk and transport you a few years back.

You find yourself by the sea, and nearby, Ben Franklin calmly swims in a puddle. Well, maybe not so calmly because Darcy stole all his clothes. Pick up the blanket lying on the rock and dress in it. Even Darcy will be scared of such a ghost and will run away, leaving his clothes behind. Take them and give them to Ben. In return for this deed, you'll be invited to dinner. After the meal, Ben will remember that he forgot to buy something in the store. Help him and give him the wire. As a thank you for all your

 deeds, you'll receive a kite. In a moment, Fred will also transport you back to 1764.

Return for a moment to the shack and take the recipe for chocolates from the cabinet. Run to the store with the recipe and exchange it for the jar. On your way, you'll come across two foolish guards. Chat with them a bit, and they'll go away, opening the gate and taking everything except a piece of foil. Since they didn't take it, you can. The content of the jar is unnecessary for you, and the goat can serve as food. Next to the Pugh residence stands a tree with a wire hanging on it. Ask the guard to hand it to you.

At Poor Richard's stall hangs a key. Try to take it, and if you fail, talk to the owner of the vehicle. You must deliver proverbs to the right people, so their behavior changes for the better. When you run out of the first batch, come back for the next one. You must give proverbs to eight people:

— Quarrels never could last long... — quarreling couple;

— Eat few Suppers, and you'll... — fat guy in the pub;

— Early to Bed and early to rise... — brothers playing ringo;

— Avoid dischoves gain... — a miser;

— Tart words make no friends... — woman at the window;

— Wealth is not his who has it... — woman in the store next to the post office;

— Beware the Gossip, who speaks ... — woman in the Millinery Shop;

— All things are easy to lndustry...— at the post office.

When you've delivered all of them and come back for the reward, you'll find out that Poor Richard has been captured, and his stall has been destroyed. From the debris, pick up the key and the bag. Open it and deliver it to Sally. She'll inform you about the owner of the clothes. Now it's time to construct the Leyden jar. Put foil into the empty jar, scoop water from the bathtub, cork it, and insert the metal rod. Now give Ben all the necessary items: the jar, key, kite, and wire. You can now proceed with the experiment. As a result, the jar will become electrified and the bathtub will be thoroughly destroyed.

Quiz Answers: 1d, 2c, 3b, 4d, 5b.


From the broken bathtub, take the crowbar, rake, fan, and stool. Attach the stool to the broken ladder and climb to the attic.

Release the bird from the cage, then open the window. The bird will fly to General Pugh's palace, and you'll embody Lockjaw.

First, drink some water. Then, go to the fireplace, but don't forget to remove the curtains hanging next to the mouse hole. There's no fire in the fireplace, so you can search the study. Start by nibbling on the slipper. The general will enter and take some letter from the safe. When he finishes talking to the advisor, just peck him. Take the letter and scram. Give it to the bird sitting on the window. The bird will deliver the letter to Pepper.

Receive the letter from the bird and hurry to the lovers' tree. On your way, talk to Sally.

Look at the notice hanging on the tree. There's something behind it. Press the button and take the box. You can open it only after solving the puzzle. If you get stuck, use the HELP button. Inside, you'll find love letters from Ben to Deborah.

Now go to the jail. The guards will let you in if you show them the airmail letter. Poor Richard should see the same letter. But that rascal still won't escape from jail unless he sees Ben's love letters to Deborah. As you've probably realized by now, Poor Richard and Deborah Franklin are one and the same person. So give him the clothes from the bag and boldly go out onto the street. The foolish guards will let you through without any major problems, and you'll reach Ben's house. Here ends act 4.

Quiz Answers: 1c, 2d, 3b, 4a, 5c.


Start by giving Ben the letter brought by the bird. He'll prepare a brochure that talks about General Pugh's dirty deeds. Now it needs to be printed, but the printing house doesn't have a crowbar. So, insert the appropriate wire from your pocket and start the printing press. The brochure is ready, and you should show it to every resident of Philadelphia. When everyone in the city has seen it, the brochure will suddenly disappear from your pocket. Return to the Franklins' house.

On your way, you'll be transported a bit into the future, to the moment when Ben will be drafting the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Talk to him, then pick up and hand him his glasses. Now give him the herbs, and he'll take you to his house. Unfortunately, the door is stuck. Use the stick lying next to it to unlock it, and you'll open it with the key taken from under the door using the magnet. Fred will transport you back to 1764, and act five will end.

Quiz Answers: 1c, 2b, 3a, 4d, 5c.


Ask Ben about the way into the palace, and you'll receive a kite and detailed instructions. Besides the Franklins, the only other person in the city is the shopkeeper. Give her the fan and chocolate. She'll make you cookies. Feed the guards at the bridge with the cookies. Now you can access the river. Use the kite on the river and sail to the back of the palace. Get out of the water and sneak to the window hiding behind the juniper bushes. You'll find yourself in the general's office. From the desk, take the crayons and paper. Draw a bit, and numbers will appear on the envelope. It's the combination to open the safe. Remove the picture and open the safe. Inside, you'll find money—the evidence of General Pugh's guilt. Now play a bit on the organ (on the right side of the screen). You'll hear Lockjaw and be kidnapped by the valet.

Take the fan, broom, glove, and grab the iron with the glove. Iron the dress and change. Bypass the valet, go upstairs, and go for Lockjaw through the maze of corridors. Lockjaw will take the key and slide it under the door, and you'll pull it out with the magnet. Now, controlling Lockjaw, you'll have to return to the front door. Hide in the cupboard there. After a short cutscene, the butler will go looking for the dog, and he'll sit on the stairs in front of Ima. Ima will approach the dog, and you should hit her with the bucket standing on the railing. At this moment, General Pugh will enter with his advisor. Bite the advisor in the butt, and he'll calm down immediately, while the general will be electrified with the bottle. Now you can open the door for Ben. As proof of the theft, show him the bucket with the money found in the safe.

Quiz Answers: 1a, 2c, 3b, 4d, 

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