Another World - How to Play. Complete walkthrough

Another World was created over two years. Eric Chahi single-handedly created the graphics, animation, sound effects, and combined them into one cohesive experience. Jean-Francois Freitas helped with the soundtrack. It's worth mentioning that Eric had previously worked at Delphine, where he contributed to games like Future Wars, Operation Stealth, and Cruise for a Corpse. Although Another World was developed independently, Eric approached Delphine with the finished product, and they agreed to publish the game, achieving great success in the market.

A step-by-step guide to the game:

The story begins with Lester Knight Chaykin arriving at the laboratory at night to conduct experiments on particle acceleration. However, a lightning strike causes a malfunction in the particle accelerator, resulting in an explosion that transports Lester to an unknown and perilous location.

Our protagonist finds himself in water, his desk sinking immediately. To avoid being eaten or drowned, Lester must quickly swim to the surface.

We start in an open area infested with toothy leeches, which can be dispatched with a strong kick. It's ruthless but necessary to stomp on all of them. Next, we encounter a black lion with sharp teeth, which we must outsmart after a brief escape by jumping onto a rope. Running to the right, masked figures finish off the beast, and we end up in a cage. A rhythmic swing is enough to drop the cage on the guard's head. After a short conversation with our new friend, we take a gun and proceed to the right, covering him.

The gun, besides firing regular shots, can also create a temporary energy barrier or shoot accumulated energy. Since the gun is almost out of charge, it's wise to use it sparingly.

Taking the elevator up, we admire the view of Another World. Then, descending to the bottom, we shoot an alien and disable the power generator. On the next floor, we use the gun's properties to pass through closed doors. Then our companion opens a tunnel hatch, while dealing with another alien.

We find ourselves in a system of tunnels equipped with venomous fans. The only way out is to roll in the right direction until we fall through a hole in the ceiling into the next chamber.

Now we can recharge our gun, allowing us to use it freely by shooting walls, doors, and moving targets. We run to the right, shoot a sluggish guard, and jump across a broken bridge. Unfortunately, the gap is too wide, but at least we land on a rocky ledge. What's next? The wall invites us into absolute darkness.

We enter underground mazes, first reaching the bottom and running to the right, avoiding falling rocks. Then, we participate in a jumping contest through holes and trap jaws, finally blasting seemingly insignificant doors with our gun, revealing a spacious room.

We backtrack, but this time we're going up instead of down. Shooting a red bat is crucial for our companion to catch it on the adjacent screen. Jumping on stalagmites, we move to the left onto a triangular piece of rock. Shooting its base from the left side creates steps for us to climb up. A marathon through three screens of gaps leads us to an underground reservoir beneath a waterfall. A strong shot to the tank's bottom initiates a frantic escape from the chasing water. We run onto the "plug", which is soon blasted by water pressure, elevating us one floor up.

We head to the right through another small dam. Climbing stairs to a higher floor, we cleverly dispatch a guard by jumping and shooting immediately upon entering the screen. Running further right, we encounter a dangerous armed individual. The procedure to deal with him involves placing a barrier right at the door, taking a step forward, letting the door open as he throws a fireball, stepping back as the door closes, and watching as the surprised guard gets turned to ash.

Continuing our run, we reload the gun and encounter a dome with suspended orbs. We must observe the moment when an alien's reflection in the orb remains still and shoot, causing it to hit the alien's head. A short scream and the sound of the fallen weapon indicate a successful hit.

We then backtrack to the left, descend the stairs, and deal with another guard using the shoot-and-jump method. We also need to shoot down a chandelier to free our friend from his cell. Running to the right, we face another obstacle. A patrolling guard has captured Lester and is holding him hostage. A swift kick to the soft area, followed by a short sprint, a roll, grabbing the gun, and shooting, should turn the guard into ashes if done quickly enough.

Two steps to the right, and we're standing at the edge of a pool. We jump, dive, and swim to the left. The area seems familiar because it's the flooded underground. We refill our air from one of the vents and dive deeper. Finding a chamber, we emerge onto a rocky ledge to catch our breath. In the adjacent chamber, we shoot to cut off the energy line. Returning to the surface the same way, we refill our air along the way.

Continuing to the right, we bypass the remains of a guard crushed by a falling orb and jump into a small opening. Now, quickly! Shoot the right wall and sprint decisively, as any hesitation means getting hit by flying bullets. We should notice our friend crawling in the same direction along the ceiling. At the end, we stand under a hatch in the ceiling and engage in a shootout. After a moment, our friend pulls us through the hatch and elevates us to the top.

We find ourselves again in an open area, surrounded by rocks and a watchtower where our friend is held at gunpoint. We need to circle around the watchtower and attack from the other side. Rushing in, placing a barrier, taking a step closer, firing a strong shot, and soon the guard lies defeated. Our friend has managed to deal with another guard in the meantime, so we must be careful not to hit him. Both of us run to the right towards a deep shaft. Our friend throws us to the other side and then jumps, but he hangs on the edge. Now we jump to the left and deal with an armed patrol. We continue to the left and spot a group of aliens fleeing to the arena. The last one doesn't make it due to the grate closing.

We intimidate him with our gun, prompting him to press a secret button that locks all the doors. Undeterred, we move to the right and go upstairs. There, we break down the door behind which stands an armed man. We must allow him to release at least four fireballs before we shoot him. Running to the left, we descend, immediately kneeling to shoot because as the guy shoots, he blows open the door, and we shoot him, blowing him away. We descend further, shoot the light switch, return to the top, go right, and discover a massive hole in the floor. We jump, run to the right, and jump again to avoid falling a floor lower. We pull a lever opening the cages with beasts, jump down, and quickly run to the right. We ride the elevator up, activate the floor, saving our friend, and both enter a strange black tank.

The tank rolls onto the arena. Operating the console, we press each button once, and when a large green button appears, we press it to shoot upwards.

We land in a garden with a pool, from which sirens immediately flee. Running to the right, repelling the attacks of guards, we meet our friend, and suddenly we fall down. A strong hand catches us and pulls us out of trouble. Moments later, we receive a kick because it wasn't our friend who saved us but some thug with red eyes. Soon, "our" friend deals with him, or at least tries to. In the meantime, we must crawl to the lever and activate the dematerializing mechanism at the right moment to save ourselves. The second lever opens the exit to the surface. Crawling backward, we are soon teleported to the roof, where a winged dragon awaits. Shortly after, our companion joins us, and together we fly into the distance. The end.

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