INNOCENT UNTIL CAUGHT - Step-by-step instructions.

In the spaceport, there is a passport lying on the bench, take it. Show it to the bouncer at the Paradise club as proof of identity. Take the perfume and the wooden cane from the club. Talk to the boss lady, offer to do a favor. You have to retrieve the family vase, which ended up in the pawnshop. Where the beggar with the hat is sitting, there is a bag, a rubber tube, and a can of disgusting grog to take. Give the can to the beggar. Now you can go to the pawnshop. Take the vase from the display, take out the slip of paper from it, and hide it in the bag. This way you'll be able to take it unnoticed. Return the vase to the grandma in the club, ask for a metal figurine from the table in return.

Now it's time to go to the bar. Take all visible items, namely the jar, the lid, and the newspaper. Take a closer look at the guy in the pink shirt at the counter. You can talk to him. Then grab the green slip of paper sticking out of his pants. Exchange it for the fully paid camera in the pawnshop. Go to the bikers. The booth is illegally drawing power from a nearby lamppost. Fortunately, they've made one exit for customers. Use it to charge the camera's batteries. Pick up the oil can from the ground, search the trash cans, and take the found egg. Offer the metal figurine from the motorcycle to the gang leader. Borrow his buddy's jacket made up of many small denomination coins. Return to the beggar with the hat. After the grog you gave him, he's already seeing stars, but it's still not enough to take his treasure. Take a photo trying to aim the flash at his eyes. Now you can take the hat, take out the coins from it, and put them back for disguise.

At the bar, order a drink, sit on an empty stool, and pay the bartender. While you enjoy, a brawl will break out in the bar. Eventually, everyone finishes each other off. However, a golden ring, a symbol of family membership, remains on the carpet. Accept the change the bartender gives you. As you leave, discreetly take care of the ring.

Head to the nearest metro station. To enter, you need to insert a token. Wrap the coin in paper and trick the machine with this replica. In the candy machine, you'll find a screwdriver. It's so firmly stuck that you'll only get it out after applying oil. Pick up the radio cassette player, get on the metro, and take the spray lying on the ground. Only get off at THE HILL station. Pick a fly agaric mushroom. Approach the camera and say you want to return the ring. You'll have to show it to the electronic eye. Inside the residence, return the boss's lost item. Ask him about some non-bloody job while you're at it. All you have to do is steal three items.


Go to the bar. Summon the robot waiter. Remove the plate from it with the screwdriver. Connect it to the radio cassette player, you'll get makeshift remote control. Go to the food boat for the Zoo. Disable the android guarding it with the remote. Take the captain's hat, exchange it for a carpet in the pawnshop. Now you have everything you need for the heist. In the gallery, borrow the ball from the pedestal. Approach the display case with the sought-after sculpture. It's protected by bulletproof glass and connected to the alarm system. Lay the rug on the floor. Put the tube on the aerosol can, you'll get a pneumatic launcher. Shoot the ball twice, then once more to dislodge the sculpture from its mount. Take the prize!


Start the mission at East Eruk. Poke the boy's balloon with the screwdriver. Take the string. Hop into REGURGI for a moment to grab a hot dog from the booth. Head to Badside, to the boat. The transport of food to the Zoo is about to depart, you'll catch a free ride.

Spray the monster with perfume. Take two vines, move the hay and open the grate. Attach one vine to the ear. Pick up the stick, tie the other vine to it. With the cane and string, assemble a bow. Shoot the weighted vine towards the roof. Get to the other side. Push the rabbit towards the carnivorous plant. The smaller mouth will be full, feed the bigger one with the hot dog. Now you can safely reach the nest. You have to skillfully swap the priceless egg for the one found in the trash. Evacuate through the grate before the mother bird notices the theft.


Enter the erotic club in Badside. The receptionist girl constantly chews gum. Take a piece when she puts it down on the desk. Get to REGURGI. Fill the jar with mayo spilled on the booth counter. Catch a fat fly in it. Go to the police station. Unfortunately, you won't get much. However, you can pull out a bag of flour that the cops intercepted in the last drug cartel ambush.

Go to the bank. Yell towards the window. The service girl will end her break. Ask her to open an account. The bag of coins will be too big, you'll have to deposit it with the guy behind the door. Call the door again, saying you want to retrieve your property. During the conversation, seal the lock with chewing gum. When the guy leaves, you'll be able to enter. Take the empty bag lying on the floor. Use the screwdriver to open the shelf in the upper left corner. Extract the account list and bank plans from inside. Return to the sewers under the Zoo. With the help of the plans, locate the room closest to the bank vault. Place the funnel on the ground and release the fly. The homemade bomb will open a passage in the wall for you. Inside, sprinkle flour to detect the laser layout. Only now can you safely take the bonds.


You have all three items now, which are the key to great wealth. When you bring them to the boss, you'll find out that you're not the only clever one. Instead of a hefty payment, you'll receive a blow from a leather club in the head. With the fading consciousness, you realize that you've been royally played. After an ultra-fast trial, you land in a prison cell. Sit on the bed. As you ponder your hopeless situation, someone will throw a small device through the window. Read the instruction manual, then aim the item at the wall and press the button. Enter the gaping hole. In the adjacent cell, discover the camouflaged passage in the floor. Below is a maze. You have to find the exit. Breathe in the fresh air of freedom. Go to the right side. In the open space, use the mysterious gadget again. It unfolds into a full-size rocket module. Fly with it to the ship orbiting the planet. You've been brought there by the federals. They have a mission for you on a nearby planet. You have to steal a new invention — a global weapon that in the

hands of a tyrant would destroy the whole world. Brave to agree to everything.


You fly to the planet as an ordinary tourist on a cruise ship. Read the book lying on the table. As you leave, take the flowers. Give them to the enamored couple in the corridor. This way you'll distract them from their wallets. Take the credit card and ID from the wallet. Go to the bar. Give the bartender the credit card, show the ID. Now you can start diluting your blood with alcohol further.

You'll have a terrible hangover on the surface. Ask Narma to distract the old lady, then take the fur coat. Talk to the uniformed guy. It's time to explore the city. You can steal a screwdriver from the shop. Ask the owner for a box of spare parts and a book. The password for the palace guard is in the latter. Despite the headache, you're drawn to the local bar. Convince the scientist that you'll deliver a letter to the princess in exchange for a favor. Go to the palace. The guard dog blocks the entrance. With the screwdriver, assemble a little kitten from the spare parts and fur coat. Use the toy to distract the guard enough to proceed. Climb through the vines to the window. Talk to the raven-haired beauty. Instead of delivering the letter, arrange a meeting with her.

Return to the bar. Lie to the scientist that Ruthie is on a rampage. Accept his keys to the secret laboratory. Find N'palm. Ask him to fetch a military uniform. Then tell him your diabolical plan. Narm will dress up as the princess and flirt with the short-sighted scientist, while you steal the weapon from the laboratory. Everything went smoothly, except for the welcoming committee waiting for you inside. You land in the box again.

Wait until Narm appears at the window. Tell him to ask Ruthie for help. Dictate him a love poem. Regardless of your true intentions, you must be very delicate and thoughtful in choosing rhymes. The Princess will release you at the last minute, as you lie ready to be roasted on the torture chamber's grill.

Meet Ruthless at the bar. Thank her for the rescue. Ask for a pass to the baggage room at her father's fortress, Skycity. Find Narma, have him look for a large crate at the airport. Follow in his footsteps. Affix the pass to the crate, get inside. During the flight, you'll realize it's better to change your hideout. Enter the evacuation ship with N'palm.


The ignition will occur prematurely, so you have a long hike up the stairs ahead of you. Move one of the crates, revealing a secret passage. Go further, from the dock below take the crowbar. Talk to Ruthie in the room on the right. Return, pass through the camouflaged doors upstairs. Use the crowbar to open the crate. Take the inflatable balloon and the tank with compressed helium from inside. In the middle of the room lies a container with a crystal. Get the necessary card from Ruthless. Place the crystal in the decoder and play with the computers. Ask the princess about her father. Talk to N'palm and return to the room. The king will be waiting. You'll find out that the crystal is the key to another dimension, where the OFFICE keeps its massive files. That's why the federals wanted it, a few changes would improve their budget for eternity. It had to be done by someone from the outside, otherwise the all-powerful OFFICE would get to the root of the problem. Bet with the King that the crystal doesn't work. Propose to Ruthie. The dowry will be the bargaining chip. It turns out the crystal was just a subtle form of transcendental untruth.

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